DA Moves To Flush ANC’s Corruption In NMB As Mayor Unveils Anti-corruption Hotline


In a bid to promote prompt and productive anti-corruption telephone call in Nelson Mandela Bay, newly-elected Athol Trollip has unveiled a new anti-corruption hotline.

Speaking during a council meeting on Wednesday, Trollip stated that he decided to think outside the box, considering the necessity of a quick response to corruptions in the metropolitan. In addition, he remarked that the new project forms part of his priorities for his first 100 days in office.

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The DA mayor also told reporters that making laudable achievement in fighting and defeating corruption in the Bay is a major task that must be accomplished despite opposition in the next 100 days.

However, he noted that disciplinary matters and forensic reports that have been pending in the Bay would be exhumed for proper actions. Among these, he said, includes the failed IPTS (Integrated Public Transport System) audit.

He asserted:

“We will adopt a different attitude to accepting factors of using deviation in this municipality which is a corruption loophole. Deviations are necessary but they cannot be standard practice and should only be used in exceptional circumstances.”

While the meeting lasted, ANC deputy party leader Bicks Ndoni, responded by slamming the DA mayor for painting a picture that suggested the ANC had done nothing in the metro and had neglected to address the plight of the masses.

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He, therefore, urged Trollip to hit the ground running by carefully addressing the needs of the 36 wards in the Bay.

Ndoni stressed: “We all understand the challenges this city faces. Our work is to ensure there is service in those 36 wards which are facing under development and I am discouraged to hear you not emphasising the needs of those wards…. The majority of the youth are unemployed, our strategy should be towards the talent of the youth.”

The ANC slung the Nelson Mandela Bay – one of the country’s pivotal metros into the hands of the DA in the municipal election. Nonetheless, the ruling party appears to have jolted back to agility – on realizing that it now stands as the metro’s official opposition party.

Earlier this week, the ANC lambasted Athol Trollip for tabling what it termed a “skewed selection of [Members of Mayoral Committee] dominated by white males with only one black female.”

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