Atandwa Kani Hits Back At Fan For Questioning The Sexuality Of His Friends


Renowned actor Atandwa Kani has made it clear that he’s got his eyes on haters and he is not leaving any stone unturned in tackling his haters head-on.

In his latest Twitter brawl, Atandwa did not mince his words in telling a troll to buzz off for saying he keeps “too many gay friends”.

The It’s Complicated star took to Twitter to make it clear that he doesn’t live his life to please anyone. Besides, he is not going to entertain being questioned about the sexuality of the friends he keeps.

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Thus, a troll got more than he bargained for when Atandwa called him out for questioning the kind of company he keeps.

“Atandwa Kani hangs out with so many gays ko Great Dane,” the tweeted user wrote.

As a result, Atandwa sprang into action, guns blazing and tagged the question “bulls**t”.

“No one says ‘Atandwa you have so many straight friends’, so I won’t accept that bullshit of ‘you have so many gay friends’ WTFAYD?,” goes Atandwa’s response.

Atandwa didn’t stop there, he went on to throw massive sarcasm at the user for throwing such an absurd question.

This comes a few days after the hit back at haters who are bent on making his life uncomfortable. He made it clear that he will not entertain such negativity in his life.

Atandwa declared to his haters;

“I don’t live for f*cking idiots who stagnate their lives, anchoring themselves down to nowhere, spending all their time watching me, while they continue being non-progressive non-entities…f*ck em!”

It all started when Atandwa posted a picture of himself with his lovely wife Fikile and captioned it; “I love my wife with all my heart. I will spend all my days giving her all my time.”

However, a fan commented that he better keep his promise or Twitter detectives would come after him. The comment resulted in a series of tweets where the actor made it clear that he doesn’t live his life for anyone.