At What Age Did Dineo Moeketsi Become a Millionaire and How Much Is She Worth?

Dineo Moeketsi, popularly known as Dineo Langa, has come a long way in the South African entertainment and media industry. Over the years, she has been under the spotlight for making the most of her multiple talents. Moeketsi belongs to the league of female entertainers in the country making the waves in the entertainment space.

Besides acting, this beautiful lady is a top-notch TV presenter and gifted singer. She obviously inherited her entertainment genes from her mother Kgomotso Moeketsi, a veteran radio presenter. Following in her mother’s footsteps seems to be the best decision Dineo has ever made. Through her flourishing career, she has been able to make a name and also amass a great fortune for herself.

Dineo Moeketsi Is Currently 34 Years Old

Dineo Moeketsi was born on the 20th day of July 1989 in the city of Johannesburg. She was brought up by her mother and grandmother. Sadly, the latter passed on when she was just fifteen years old. From that time onward, her mum started to train her singlehandedly.

It is not known if Dineo’s father has been part of her life from childhood as his identity and whereabouts have neither been revealed nor discussed anywhere, not even by the actress or her mother.

Moeketsi was trained at the prestigious National School of the Arts, after which she left the country to study at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York. She earned her career breakthrough from her TV hosting stints and role in the popular South African series Queen, where she portrayed the fictional character Kea Khoza. She also gained a huge fan base among those who are deeply in love with her talent, on-screen performances, and career growth.

The TV Presenter Joined The Millionaire League At A Young Age

Dineo Moeketsi comes from a family where women defy all odds to do great things. Her mom is a hard-working woman who invested so much in both her career and Dineo’s life and today, all her sacrifices seem to have paid off. So, we are not surprised that Moeketsi is doing marvelously well at such a young age, considering her background and the kind of mother she grew up with.

Did we also mention that her grandmother was a great businesswoman who owned numerous taxis that generated income for her? Dineo must have learned one or two things about business, saving, and life generally from her grandmother, who she once described as a huge saver.

Regardless of her age, Moeketsi has already secured a spot for herself in the class of South African millionaires. There is no reliable information on the particular year and age she made the milestone as she is yet to speak much about it.

However, people believe that the actress hit the millionaire benchmark in the year 2020 when she was about 30 years old. Of course, it comes as no surprise, considering the fact that she worked so hard that year. In fact, one of her recent works, for which she was hugely paid, is the movie Mrs. Right Guy. The movie is about the troubles young and successful women face in this time and age in finding love and having a balance also in their careers.

Besides The Queen, Mrs. Right Guy, and the South African series Our Girl, Dineo has made other on-screen appearances that earned her so much money and fame.

A Look At Dineo Moeketsi’s Journey To Greatness And How She Made It

As a child, Dineo was spoilt with everything, including money. According to her, she had her first interaction with money in her teens and was already the owner of a bank account at the age of 12 – thanks to her mother who deemed it wise to open the account for her, even though Dineo didn’t have access to the money in the account.

Ever since Moeketsi debuted, she has continued to grow her craft as a TV presenter, singer, and actress. She was able to improve her financial status through her mixed career. As an actress, she has featured in notable South African projects, including but not limited to My Perfect Family (as Shoki), Scandal (as Lindiwe), The Estate, and Screen Time (as Naledi).

Though Dineo’s acting income is yet to be publicized, it is believed that she charges a substantial amount for investing her time and expertise in films and TV works.

As a top-notch presenter, she has had a thriving career in the media industry as well. She is one of the industry’s prettiest and hotly sought-after presenters. Through this part of her career life, it is also believed that she goes home with something huge at the end of the month.

Not much is known about her singing career. However, records have it that she was a top contestant in M-Net’s High School Musical: Spotlight South Africa in the year 2008 and also did backup vocals for the South African-based dance music crew, Flash Republic.

Dineo and her husband Zothile “Solo” Langa own a production company which they launched some time ago. Details about their earnings from this venture are still under the radar but we do know that the venture is a huge avenue for increased income to them. The couple recently launched an African prints garment fashion line called Port of LNG. They have been living happily since they tied the knot in the month of September 2019 after dating for so many years.

Dineo Moeketsi earns about $1,000 per month, according to unverified sources. She was able to hit the millionaire benchmark through these known endeavors.

Dineo Moeketsii’s sources of income

  • Acting
  • TV presentation
  • Singing

She has made appearances in the following acting projects

  • Our Girl
  • My Perfect Family (as Shoki)
  • Scandal (as Lindiwe)
  • Screen Time (as Naledi)
  • The Queen
  • Mrs. Right Guy
  • The Estate

What’s Dineo Moeketsi’s Net Worth?

As of 2021, Dineo is said to be worth about $1 million. She was able to build her net worth mostly through her acting and presenting jobs, which are her primary source of income. Unfortunately, her exact income is not available but it is said to be worth her talent.

Similarly, it is not known how much her wealth has increased over the years from earlier records. The comprehensive details of her earnings and salary per year over some of the past years, including her net worth milestones, are yet to publicized by either the actress or her representative.

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