Art And Culture Minister To Unveil Anti-Racism Song


SA Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa is set to unveil an”Anti-Racism Song” as a good antidote for racism in the South African Nation. 

Axing racism and racist comments has always been on the top must-do list of the SA government. Interestingly, the department of Arts and Culture coined an anti racism song in a way to show what role performing arts and music play in advancing the anti-racism agenda.

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Arts and Culture department revealed that Minister Nathi Mthethwa “will also at the launch, unveil the Anti-Racism Song tackling the continuing salience of race and racism and the negative role social media has played in spewing the racial bigotry”

“The role of performing arts, particularly music during the anti-racism struggle gained the world’s attention by reflecting the important role it played in conjuring global human solidarity which exposed apartheid’s atrocities and gross human violations.”

The department took on this move following a fresh racism rants involving a guest house in Durban, where the tourism MEC introduced an investigation into a Sodwana Bay guest house which recently denied accommodation to a black woman because of her skin colour.

An email from the guest house in reply to the woman’s enquiry for accommodation said in part: “Hi. We do not accommodate black or government officials any longer”

Despite government policies aimed to tackle racist acts and rants in the country, racism keeps rearing up its ugly head; its damaging manifestation is a reminder that it is one issue we cannot afford to wish away.

We recall that in December 2015, a racist rant on Face book by KwaZulu-Natal realtor Penny Sparrow saying black people were monkeys, spread like wild fire through the streets of Durban and while the issue was being dealt with in court, Cape Town resident Matthew Theunissen in May 2016 posted a racist rant on Face book in which he used the k-word.

Today, Andre Olivier, head pastor of Rivers Church in Sandton, Johannesburg, has been put under fire for allegedly making racists statements during his sermon on Sunday where he allegedly said that blacks are where there are now because they are lazy. 

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 Though charges are yet to be made against the pastor, analysts call for an improved punishment for racism defaulters as a means of curbing its menace on the country’s unity. 

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