There has been a significant increase in the number of armed and unarmed robbery incidences in South Africa in recent times. While some end with no casualties other times it doesn’t. The month of January has seen a countless number of both successful and attempted robberies, car hijacking and other forms of crime.

Looking at the way things are, it wouldn’t be out of place for one to imagine that while a handful of people are resolving to change for good, a lot more are proposing to commit various forms of atrocity against others.

The Shell garage at old Johannesburg road, Clubview, Pretoria which is attached to a petrol station became one of the most recent scenes of armed robbery crimes. The entire operation was captured on CCTV and has been released to the public.

The one-man operation was as fast as it was successful and was carried out in the most unperturbed manner.

Watch the video below

In the video, the driver who is also the culprit pulls up right in front of the garage and walks into the building with his very visible gun and walks over to the storekeeper who had just finished attending to a customer. The storekeeper was obviously terrified and in shock as to what was going on at the time.

He most definitely would have had his whole life flash before his eyes and saying his last prayers because he didn’t know if he was going to survive the ordeal. Luckily for him, the robber left him unharmed as he walks to the counter and successfully makes out with his sales. He comes out, enters his vehicle and drives away all in less than a minute.

Watch CCTV Recording from Inside the Building

After this incident, there has been a rise in complaints on the slow response time of appropriate authorities to get to the crime scene. Though this particular robbery attack was very swift lasting just within a few minutes, other similar robberies which have taken place took a lot more time and still the police arrived late.

Nevertheless, the government needs to do something real fast to curb this growing trend. We suspect the rising unemployment situation in the country is prompting many young men and women to go into a life of crime, a life that may end up getting innocent civilians hurt or worse still murdered. In the same vein, this kind of life can equally get the perpetrators killed if they happen to have a shootout with the officers of the law. However, if they are gainfully employed and their energies properly utilized, there would be a visible reduction in these atrocious crimes.

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A reward has been offered for any useful information that could result in the arrest of the white male who robbed the Shell garage.

Details of the Robbery

  • Armed Robbery by White Male, Approx 24 yrs old;
  • Happened at Clubview Shell old Jhb Rd on 23 Jan (8-41 PM).
  • A reward has been promised for info on this chap, his car and any other valuable detail. You can contact Llewellyn on 0721287094.

Please share this information and you might just save another victim from a robbery or even a murder!

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