Are Wiseman Mncube and Ntando Mncube Related?

Wiseman Mncube and Ntando Mncube are blood brothers. They are both fantastic actors and have worked steadily in the entertainment industry for much of their adult lives. They started out as stage actors. 

Wiseman and Ntando began their careers in 2011 and 2008 respectively. The two also have a younger brother in show business who appeared on Uzalo as the character Phelelani.

Are Wiseman Mncube and Ntando Mncube Brothers?

Wiseman Mncube and Ntando Mncube are related by blood. Speculations about a possible relationship between the two started after it emerged that the duo would be appearing together in a local production called Shaka Zulu, which is produced by Bomb Production company.

The announcement was publicized in February 2022. Interestingly, the initial rumour was that Wiseman and Ntando were twins. It was later that the public got to know that the actors are brothers in real life and that Ntando is the older sibling.

The Mncubes are among the most-recognized celebrity siblings in the South African entertainment industry, having entertained audiences for years with their TV shows, theatrical plays, and movies.

Ntando is four years older than Wiseman and was also the first to launch his acting career. He, particularly, led Wiseman into acting by inviting him to watch him during a theatrical play.

The younger Mncube would fall in love with both his brother’s performance and the art afterward. From that time till now, he has had an impressive number of both on-screen and theatrical production roles.

The pair, however, haven’t worked together on a good number of films or TV series. Shaka Zulu is the only known local project they’ve starred in together.

Both of the Mncube brothers have worked not only as actors in their careers but also as singers. In November 2020, Wiseman released the gqom song, Pick & Choose, along with South African artist Vukani Khoza.

The Mncube Brothers Have Each Enjoyed Successful Careers

The Mncubes come from a talented family and are successful in their own rights. However, their career profiles vary as both of them started out in different years and have worked on various projects.

Ntando Mncube

Ntando, full name Ntando Menzi Mncube, is an accomplished actor, singer, and dancer. He was born on 4th November 1986 in Ulundi, North of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He is 37 years old.

Ntando studied at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), where he received his National Diploma in Drama & Production studies in 2008. He started a career as a professional actor in the same year.

The Durban-born actor has participated in a variety of theatrical productions both during and after his time at DUT, including No Tears, Jimbo and Spice ‘n Stuff, and Man of La Mancha.

He made his acting debut as “Suave Guy,” in the 2013’s SABC1 drama series Intersexions. Following that, he appeared in the 2014 episode of the drama anthology series eKasi: Our Stories on as a guest star named “Viro.”

In 2014, he also had the chance to play “MUC 1” in the Mzansi Magic serial Saints and Sinners and “Mr. Mahlangu” in the SABC1 drama Kowethu. Ntando collaborated on the M-Net movie The Ring, which was made by interns from the 2015 Magic in Motion Academy.

He joined the third season of the family drama series Umlilo the following year and played Thulane. The actor had a recurring part in the second season of the Mzansi Magic prison drama Lockdown in late 2017 where he played the character of “Senzo” in.

After that accomplishment, he appeared as “Bonginkosi” in the third season of the SABC2 sitcom Abo Mzala in 2018. In the same year, he also appeared in his first television starring role as “Apollo” in the SABC1 drama Side Dish.

He played the character “Bhekile” in the Mzansi Magic historical drama Ifalakhe in 2019. He then assumed the role of Sibusiso Dlamini in the 2020 season of the television medical drama Durban Gen.

Ntando’s Play credits

  • Let My People Go
  • Animal Farm
  • Peter Pan
  • Robin Hood
  • Man of La Mancha
  • Jimbo and Spice ‘n Stuff
  • No Tears

Ntando TV Roles 

  • Intersexions (2013)
  • eKasi: Our Stories (2014)
  • Saints and Sinners (2014)
  • Kowethu
  • The Ring (2015)
  • Umlilo
  • Lockdown (2017)
  • Abo Mzala
  • Side Dish (2018)
  • Ifalakhe (2019)
  • Durban Gen (2020)

Wiseman Mncube 

Born in 1990, Wiseman started acting in 2011, the same year he graduated from the Durban University of Technology (DUT) with a National Diploma in Drama. The 5 feet 7 inches actor has had plenty of success both in front of the camera as an actor and behind the camera as a singer and director.

His famous theater productions include Culture Clash, Meet Bro Six Two, Horn of Sorrow, and Nothing But the Truth. Have We Been Heard?, Mashu the Musical, and Amambazo The Musical.

In 2016, he appeared on television for the first time in the drama series The Kingdom-UKhakhayi, playing the part of Mfanufikile. In 2018, he played Reggie in the TV Mini-Series Liberty and made an appearance in the serial Gold Diggers.

Wiseman played Jama in the television series EHostela before appearing as Sibonelo in the well-liked soap opera Uzalo. He played Siya in the 2020 film Rage of a Lioness and Vusi Ndlovu in the mid-2019 blockbuster The Turning Son.

Mncube is the writer and director of the play The Weeping Candle (2012).

Wiseman Mncube’s Play Credits

  • Amambazo The Musical
  • Have We Been Heard
  • Nothing But the Truth
  • Horn of Sorrow
  • Meet Bro Six Two
  • Culture Clash
  • Mashu the Musical

Wiseman Mncube’s TV Shows

  • The Kingdom-UKhakhayi
  • Gold Diggers
  • Liberty
  • EHostela
  • Uzalo
  • The Turning Son (film)
  • Rage of a Lioness (film)

Wiseman Appears to be More Successful Than Ntando 

The Mncube brothers are stars both on and off the screen. In addition to their respective impressive careers, both are two of the best-looking brothers in the industry. However, Wiseman seems to have a more flourishing career than Ntando.

This is evidenced by the many accolades he has received, his outstanding works, as well as his musical career. Wiseman has received numerous honors for his work as a director and an actor. Additionally, he has traveled to locations through some of his works that some of his contemporaries can only dream of.

While Ntando, at least publicly, has not received any awards, he has unarguably done well for himself, though.

Wiseman created and directed the play Weeping Candle, which won him two prizes at the isiGcawu Festival for Best Production and Best Script. In addition, he received two further honors in 2012: the Best Actor at the Musho Festival and the Best Newcomer Award at the Mercury Theatre Awards.

He won the Standard Bank Ovation Award for his portrayal of my father in the play Giving Birth to My Father. His career experienced a significant uptick when he took home three National Arts Festival (NAF) honors in Grahamstown in 2014.


The younger Mncube was also chosen to serve as one of the Musho Festival’s directors in 2015. For his performance as Jama in eHostela, he received the Best Actor Award at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) in 2020. He received a second honor at the Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards the same year.

After the success of his debut song, Pick & Choose with Vukani Khoza, he plans to release additional hits before the year ends.

A Recap of Wiseman Mncube’s Awards/Recognitions

  • The Best Production and Best Script awards at isiGcawu Festival
  • The Best Newcomer Award at the Mercury Theatre Awards
  • Best Actor at Musho Festival
  • The Standard Bank Ovation Award for the play Giving Birth to my Father
  • Three National Arts Festival (NAF) awards in Grahamstown.
  • Selected as one of the directors of the Musho Festival in 2015.
  • The Best Actor Award in the TV Drama category at the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) in 2020
  • The Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards in 2020.
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