Are Ntando Duma And DJ Junior Really Engaged?


Who says the rhythm City star Ntando Duma and DJ Junior de Rocka are just friends? We’ve been guess-checking the true relationship between  these stars and their rumored ‘just friends’ report, but the more we closely look, the closer we are to getting the truth.

Duma and DJ Junior de Rocka have once again made it all clear to the public that their relationships has been on a platonic level. But with all we are seeing, it wont be wrong to say that the duo have progressed quickly from the ‘friend zone’.

After all, the popular believe that true love starts with mere friendship is yet to be considered obsolete and can apply on the two.

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Recently, the duo’s social media accounts have been filled to the brim with loved-up pictures‚ videos of them getting cozy together and romantic love notes to each other.

To rap up all suspicions, actress Ntando has in the recent times been seen in series of her pictures and videos with what appears to be an engagement ring.

The Rhythm City star posted a funny video showing ‘engaged women’ how to strategically show off their bling in any conversation. Later, she and Junior fooled around while preparing dinner. But fans can’t be fooled as the bling on Ntando’s finger kept on revealing itself.

In a bid to put social media detectives off the trail‚ Ntando Duma was spotted wearing the ring on her right hand. Though the duo are yet to say a thing about their relationship, their fans are eagerly waiting with itching ears to know exactly what is happening.

star 2

Ntando Duma is known for her ever bubbly and energetic lifestyle. Not only that, she is known for her discipline and strength that didn’t stop her from going after her dreams.

Ntanko who has reiterated her humble home background announced in a chat with a media site last year that she was studying media studies as a part time student.

Amazingly, the city star has her unique way of attracting her fans and those around her through her bubbly character.

On the other hand, the Durban Hip Hop DJ known as DJ Junior de Rocka is a radio personality and community builder. He was said to have started his career as a house DJ where his performance marveled the crowd.

One interesting  thing about the young DJ is that he taught himself what he is currently doing but became perfect through continuous practice. We hope to see more of them in the coming years.

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