See Pictures: Archbishop Emeritus Tutu Joins The Nationwide Anti-Zuma Protests


As South Africans continue to take stand in various municipalities across South Africa, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah were pictured as they joined in the march

Tutu was on Friday seen cheering up protesters in front of his retirement home at Hermanus, indicating his strong support  for the anti Zuma march.

The 85 -year old social rights activist and retired Anglican bishop Tutu who has recently suffered health setbacks, and was recently admitted to hospital for a recurring infection, deemed it fit to register his support to residents who joined the nationwide protests against Zuma.

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The photographs taken on Friday morning  while the march is going on shows Tutu and his wife standing under a bus shelter, along with other residents.

In one photograph, Tutu is smiling and has his walking stick raised as protesters march on. While another resident standing near them held up a page saying: “God save South Africa from greedy corrupt leaders.”

desmond 2

Desmond who has witnessed all that South Africans have gone through since the apartheid era looks overwhelmed as citizens rise up in unity to fight for the nation’s democratic transformation.

Tutu is widely regarded as “South Africa’s moral conscience” and was described by South Africa’s freedom fighter and former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela as “sometimes strident, often tender, never afraid and seldom without humour, Desmond Tutu’s voice will always be the voice of the voiceless”.

Since his retirement, Tutu has worked to critique the new South African government. Tutu has been vocal in condemnation of corruption, the ineffectiveness of the ANC-led government to deal with poverty, and the recent outbreaks of xenophobic violence in some townships in South Africa.

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Thousands of marchers has gathered at the Union Buildings with many more on their way from communities around Pretoria singing struggle songs.

Police helicopter is also seen flying over the Union Buildings so as to ensure a peaceful and violent free protest Save SA marchers in the Pretoria CBD make their way to the Union Buildings. Video: Nhlawulo Chauke.

While the event goes hotter, four white people carrying a Save SA banner were almost assaulted by an angry crowd of ANC supporters at Beyers Naude Square in near the ANC Albert Luthuli House.

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The white people who were believed to be members of the SaveSA group were found themselves at the the square where a large number of ANC supporters laid siege that was filled to capacity with ANC supporters

They were eventually saved from imminent danger by a group of MKMVA members before the public order policing member and Metro police arrived and took the four into a waiting police van and whisked away.

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