Friday Shutdown March: Here Are Details Of The Much-Anticipated National Protest


April 7 National Protest: It is safe to say that Ahmed Kathrada’s funeral opened a new struggle for the liberation of South Africa from an imminent political and economic collapse.

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) in collaboration with other civil society organizations and political parties, last week, called for South Africans to embark on a peaceful protest on Friday 7 April against President Zuma.

Organisations such as the #SA1st Forum, SaveSA, Social Justice Coalition, and Ndifuna Ukwazi have been holding meetings in an effort to plan what will go down during the April 7 National Protest in the most peaceful way.

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We, however, deemed it fit not to allow you hit the streets on Friday without knowing these crucial information.

First and foremost, protesters planning to participate in the march are urged to be responsible and ensure their actions are non-political, non-racist, non-sexist, peaceful and not disruptive.

Protesters are also reminded that “Everyone has the right, peacefully and unarmed, to assemble to demonstrate, to picket and to present petitions”, according to Section 17 of Chapter 2, of The Bill of Rights.

National Sites To Gather

  •  Pretoria:  The April 7 National Protest will hold on 7 April and protesters are expected to march from Church Square to Union buildings. The organizers of the protest announced that marchers should gather at Church Square from 10 am. The march will start at 1 pm.
  • Cape Town:  The march hols on April, 7. Marchers are urged to gather outside parliament from noon.
  • Johannesburg: Protesters are expected to gather at the Westgate Transport Hub at 10h00 on Friday morning. The march will end at Mary Fitzgerald Square.
  • Mpumalanga: The march will hold on Friday from Sonpark Shopping Centre to the Nelspruit Rugby stadium.
  • All other cities and Towns:  Marchers will gather at City and Town Halls or Community Centres from noon.
  • Freeway Bridge, Cape Town: Marchers in this area are advised to construct banners/placards that depict messages and gather in groups on bridges over freeways during peak hour traffic on Friday from 6 am to 8 am and 4 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • Durban: Marchers will gather at 9 am at Durban Circus Site opposite the old Durban Drive-in, corner of Sandile Thusi.

Interested marchers are also encouraged to wear white or something with the South African flag on it. And to also bring their flags and make their own posters.

As suggested by the organizers, some of the messaging on the posters can bear the following: Yes We Will, Recall Parliament, Don’t Junk SA, Zuma must Go, and No to the Nuclear deal.

Community members were advised to also join the human chain in Cape Town on Friday from 10:00 am for the April 7 National Protest

  • Human chain along key main roads into the Cape Town CBD
  • Along the main road from Simonstown into the Cape Town CBD
  • Along Voortrekker road from Bellville into the Cape Town CBD
  • Along the west coast road into Marine Parade Drive into the Cape Town CBD from Atlantis
  • Along Jakes Gerwel drive down Kipfontein road into the Mowbray Main road from Mitchell’s Plain

By Tuesday afternoon, at least 11 000 people had indicated they would participate in the April 7 National Protest march against President Zuma.

April 7 National Protest

The National Shutdown is traced to Zuma’s unilateral cabinet reshuffle, and dismissal of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in particular, in a relentless attempt to control every aspect of the state.

Given that the ANC just proved they won’t be doing anything themselves, dishing up one of the most spineless press briefings of all time on Wednesday, the citizens decided to push Zuma out themselves.

In 2007, Zuma defeated Mbeki as in a battle for the party presidency and subsequently installed members of his own faction in most of the important leadership positions.

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There are in South Africa today about three million whites, about twelve million blacks, and more than a million people of mixed descent called Cape coloreds. There are in addition about half a million Indians

The big question remains, if Zuma does fall, who will replace him?