Zuma Will Appoint New SABC Board After Inquiry


Following the resignation of South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) board chairperson, Mbulaheni Maguvhe, President Zuma disclosed that he will wait for the National Assembly to conclude its inquiry into the Broadcasting Corporation before appointing an interim board.

Mbulaheni Maguvhe was the last remaining non-executive board member at SABC.

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In a media statement, the Presidency said:

“According the Broadcasting Act, 1998, the National Assembly may after an inquiry and by the adoption of a resolution, recommend the dissolution of the SABC Board.

Upon the dissolution of the Board, the President is required by the Broadcasting Act to appoint an interim Board consisting of three executive members of the Board and five persons recommended by the National Assembly.

The Broadcasting Act requires the President to appoint the interim Board within 10 days of receiving recommendations from the National Assembly. The interim Board is appointed for a period not exceeding six months.

The President will wait for the National Assembly to conclude its inquiry. Any further decision regarding the SABC Board will be guided by the recommendations of the National Assembly.”

Meanwhile, another R42 million fraud was uncovered at the Broadcasting Corporation yesterday.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that it was a whistle-blower that alerted the Parliament’s communication committee about the fraud.

The R42 million fraud revolves around a legitimate tender for refurbishing a studio being abruptly cancelled and awarded to a company called Vision View.

Chairperson of Parliament’s communication committee, Humphrey Maxegwana promised that “heads must roll” after the allegations are verified.

He stressed that those involved in the illegal tender deal must face the law.

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However, Makhosi Khoza a member of the ad-hoc committee empowered to probe the fitness of the SABC board remarked that she’s not aware of the allegations.

“We are not aware and I don’t think the committee collectively know because such documents were never tabled to us. We have never seen anything of that sort,” she said.