Apple Inc Unveils Cheaper Iphone SE To Boost Sales


In the bid to reverse the decline in sales of Apple phones worldwide, the technology company Apple Inc unveiled a smaller, cheaper iPhone SE on Monday which is aimed at emerging markets and possibly China which is the world’s biggest market for smartphones.

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The new 4-inch long device, tagged the iPhone SE, has a 10 cm screen and is Apple’s second bid for the crowded mid-tier market after an unsuccessful raid three years ago.

The sleek iPhone SE design follows the expanded size of the screens in its high-end iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones all in 2014 to as large as 13.97cm. This move by  Apple Inc was easily interpreted as an attempt to match the big-screen Galaxy phones of its rival Samsung Electronics.

Prior to the iPhone SE launch at Apple’s leafy Cupertino, California headquarters, Chief Executive, Apple Inc Tim Cook made a statement in an attempt to defend why the company declined the order to comply with a United States (US) court order to unlock an iPhone belonging to a customer who happened to be one of the shooters in a December attack in San Bernardino, California.

Cook made it clear that Apple will not relent in its responsibility to protect customers’ information and privacy, adding that Apple “will not shrink from that responsibility.”

This declaration was welcomed by the audience and warmly greeted by applause from the audience.

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The dispute between Apple Inc and the US government has opened the floor for more debates based on data privacy in the United States.

Still maintaining solid stand to avoid encroaching on the privacy of a customer, company is set to bring all necessary legal backing against the US government at a court hearing this Tuesday.

The fight might drag, but surely the technological company is determined to not decrypt iPhone.