‘Anyone That Says ANC Will Be In Power In 2019, Must Be Smoking What I Don’t Know’ – DA Mayoral Candidate


Democratic Alliance mayoral candidate Herman Mashaba has expressed confidence that ANC would be far from power in 2019. The mayoral candidate told a small group of people, who attended his political briefing in Central Business District, Johannesburg that DA is taking over South Africa in 3 years time.

As the small group of 30 persons listened, Mashaba boasted saying “anyone that tells me that the ANC will still be in power in 2019 – I don’t know what they are smoking”.

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He also countered the believe that the Democratic Alliance is a white-dominated party. He refuted the claims and maintained that DA has vibrant black members too. “For people to say that the DA is mostly white is wrong. This is not 1994 anymore and we are the only diverse party in the country,” Mashaba said.

He maintained that he would guarantee freedom and security in Johannesburg if elected. In fact, he boasted that if he stays in power for one year, Johannesburg residents would be parading the streets as free men. Mashaba alleged that he would tackle Johannesburg’s major challenge, which is crime.

“One of biggest problems today is that the criminal justice system is accountable to the politicians. It has to prosecute, but they have to consult each time,” he said.

He also told business moguls in Johannesburg that they would be given their rightful places, since South and the Democratic Alliance at large relies on business for economic mold up and growth. He promised to recognize the business community in his government.

“The DA, under my administration, will regard you as one of most important stakeholders,”

“Businesses will be a key priority and my biggest friend. Property can play a big role. We’ve focused on all areas except for Johannesburg, and that is mostly because the government doesn’t provide the support,” said Mashaba.

However, the politician said that he is yet to come up with any agenda or what to do for Johannesburg city since he has not sat down with members of the community to fine-tune ways of cushioning their problems. He maintained that the foremost thing he needs to do is to “understand the problems” of the people first.

Mashaba reiterated his confidence by saying “people are going to vote for the DA.”

Herman Mashaba is a great South African entrepreneur and the founder of one of South Africa’s hair brand- Black Like Me. In December 2015, he indicated his interest to run for Johannesburg city mayor in the forthcoming local government election. He was nominated alongside DA’s Councillor and Wits Professor, Rabelani Dagada.

DA leader Mmusi Maimane told reporters last month that Mashaba’s nomination was not easy considering the personalities of the two candidates involved. “The decision we took wasn’t an easy one,” he said in Johannesburg.

“It was between two very able and competent candidates. These are South Africans who have said we want to put our shoulder to the wheel…”

However, Mashaba was finally given the ticket to represent the party in the coming local government election.

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