Anti-Zuma Protest: Minister Muthambi Says Blacks Only Protect White Privileges


As opposition parties join forces to stage more protest marches against Zuma’s government, Public Service and Administration Minister Muthambi slammed the moves, saying they are being manipulated to enhance White privileges.

The minister, who seems perturbed by the growing call for Jacob Zuma to step down following his decision to ax the finance minister which arguably resulted to the nation being downgraded by two rating agencies, slammed black South Africans for allowing themselves to be used by the White minority to protect their privileges.

“This is an old trick, message” she said in an opinion editorial published by The Sunday Independent where she added that the marches exposed the hypocrisy of “white-led groupings” who claim to be taking a stand against corruption but were not as outraged at the apartheid government and corruption in the private sector.

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Faith Muthambi has been on the offensive against Zuma’s detractors following his much-criticized Cabinet reshuffle.

This old trick, according to her, dates back to the epoch of slavery when slave owners could count on house slaves to whip their own into line. It comes as no surprise to find so-called former revolutionaries in the company of the most racist detractors of a legitimate government.

“Their closeness to white monopoly capital speaks volumes,” Minister Muthambi wrote as she applauded Cosatu which stated its message clearly, that Zuma should resign, but refused to march with the agents on monopoly capital to remove a democratically elected government.

The union advised its members not to engage in activities organised under the umbrella of the Save South Africa campaign, which has been leading the anti-Zuma marches.

“Indeed, it doesn’t take much to expose the hypocrisy of this newfound activism by these white-led groupings and their claim of taking a stand against corruption.

“These groupings and their black lackeys are deafeningly silent when it comes to corruption in the private sector. For instance, they were nowhere to be found when the Competition Commission found that banks had engaged in corruption, nor did we hear them call on Absa to account for funds that were illegally loaned to it.

“Their moral compass is unaffected by recent revelations pointing out at how the construction industry and the bread cartel colluded in siphoning resources from the country and the poor respectively,” Minister Muthambi added.

She further argued that South Africa remains a multiethnic, multiracial and multiclass society and that the marches against Zuma represented the convergence of white and class interests.

“We are also not surprised that the whole brouhaha around the Cabinet reshuffle has assumed an ethnic character. The noise is restricted to concerns of my former colleague, Pravin Gordhan, who has since assumed a new occupation of being the main attraction and new master of memorial services. My other colleagues have been reduced to a mere historical footnote.

“The invisibility of black people in a racist society is consistent. For instance, there was no white outrage when 44 black people were killed in Marikana,” she said.

Muthambi’s criticism of the anti Zuma protests echoes growing criticisms by South African majority who are of the view that the marches against Zuma are powered by disgruntled white people who allegedly never took part in the fight against apartheid.

Some even accuse white South Africans of “never” participating in service delivery protests that largely affect the black population. In fact, the leader of the Black First Land First (BLF) Andile Mngxitama, like Minister Muthambi pointed out that the anti Zuma marches were just to serve white people’s interests.

“I see the king of the reds of London supports the white march against Zuma. Since robin Renwick briefed them they are pro white,” he tweeted.

“White civil society in defence of white power. Let the whites March for colonisation and apartheid. No we won’t toyi toyi for them.

“Dear DA blacks, is fighting Zuma more important and urgent than fighting racism and colonialism? Just make me understand thank.

“So the blacks of DA will be lead by Helen Zille against Zuma today? A hardened colonialist leads blacks against a black? Our people are lost.” he said.

With all these, notwithstanding, President Jacob Zuma remained unfazed as he assured more than 5 000 people  present during the unveiling ceremony of a tombstone for the late minister in the presidency Collins Chabane, in Limpopo, that he would lead the ANC until his term lapses during the party’s elective conference in December.

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Zuma reportedly said he never regretted his contentious Cabinet reshuffle in which five ministers, including finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy, Mcebisi Jonas, were fired.

“There will always be those who would oppose some of the informed decisions I take. This in spite of the fact that my decisions are informed by policy and the constitution of South Africa,” said Zuma.

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