Anti-White Racist Comment: AfriForum Demands Immediate Dismissal Of Esethu Hasane


AfriForum in a letter, demanded an immediate dismissal of Mr Esethu Hasane because of the ‘anti-white racist comment’ he posted on his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

EsethuHasane is the Media and Communication Manager at the Department of Sport and Recreation. The ‘anti-white racist comment’ he shared on the social media platforms read:

“Only Western Cape still has dry dams. Please God, we have black people there, choose another way of punishing white people.”

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The letter addressed to the Minister of Sports and Recreation, Fikile Mbalula contended that Mr Hasane’s statement confirmed that anti-white racism is rife in the Minister’s department.

AfriForum said they are not surprised by Hasane’s statement. That they said, is so because it is obvious that Mbalula’s department pressure on sport federations to implement rigid racial quotas isn’t a sincere effort to develop athletes from all communities.

It is rather, a racist campaign to reduce the number of white sportsmen and women in teams.

“You are trying to hide your Department and Government’s failure to establish sport in township and rural schools by targeting white people.

“By means of this letter we demand the immediate dismissal of Mr Esethu Hasane…for his anti-white racist statement on social media.

“Furthermore, we demand that you and your Department publicly denounce Mr Hasane’s racist statement and to distances yourselves therefrom without delay,” AfriForum demanded.

Quite recently, the civil rights organisation initiated an agitation to stop ANC’s hate speech bill.

As learnt, AfriForum then, submitted detailed inputs on the constitutionality of the Prevention of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill.

AfriForum criticized the Bill for putting an unfair limitation on freedom of speech arguing that “the definition of hate speech is so wide that it criminalizes almost any insult or offensive remark.

“This will result in the Act being completely non-implementable; it may also become an instrument of power abuse by the ANC government.”

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Specifying that the Bill wants to impose fines or imprisonment on individuals found guilty of hate speech or crimes, AfriForum said:

“The definition of hate speech, as proposed by the Bill, is so wide, however, that an insult based on a person’s profession may lead to three year’s imprisonment.

The necessary result of the Bill would be selective prosecution by the National Prosecution Authority (NPA). Racism should be fought, but not in the manner in which the ANC seeks to fight it.”

With that above, AfriForum divulged that it will be fighting the Bill in the Courts if it is approved by Parliament and the President.