Anti-State Capture March: Maimane Says ANC Good People Must Stand Against Corruption


Following the anti-state capture protest march taking place in central Polokwane where protesters led by the Democratic Alliance demanded that President Jacob Zuma be ousted, DA leader Mmusi Maimane called on “good people in the ANC to rise up and fight against corruption.

Speaking before hundreds of protesters who arrived at the Limpopo Provincial Treasury, Mmusi Maimane said he believes that there are good people in the ruling African National Congress who are not happy with the wrongs perpetuated by Zuma and his cronies, however, these people are almost dead as many of them have passed on to heaven.

But to the remaining few to support the anti-corruption move and see to it that the President, Jacob Zuma, who all fingers point at for the deepening corruption, is finally removed from office.

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South Africa had bad people who were violating the country’s constitution, he said, but, there were also good people‚ including those within the ANC‚ who were fighting against corruption and these good people need to join other opposition parties in the call for President Jacob Zuma’s removal.

“Today I want to speak to the good people within the ANC. They are there. They are fighting and they are working. When the good people like Ahmed Kathrada and Nelson Mandela die‚ sometimes I think to myself the good ANC is only in heaven‚” he said.

Maimane also took the opportunity to further criticise Zuma for his racial comments on recent marches‚ which took place in cities across the country.

He said Zuma’s description of the protest March as being hijacked by the Whites was racial and unacceptable. The march, according to him was not about whites or blacks or the coloured but about South Africans standing in unity to say Jacob Zuma must go.

Speaking further, the DA leader said the protest against corruption and state capture was being held in Polokwane because the province was evident of the massive corruption bedeviling South Africa.

The party stated that Zuma and the ANC have normalized the abuse of public funds and institutions for self-benefit, while neglecting their duty to create jobs and build a better South Africa.

“There is no better case study than the province of Limpopo – corrupted to the point of near bankruptcy, and economically stagnant” added Maimane’s spokesperson Mabine Seabe said.

Limpopo’s treasury MEC, Rob Tooley, received a memorandum from the marchers addressing various issues‚ including state capture and irregular expenditure in the province.

While the protest continues, United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa has appealed for a national convention to be held to fix South Africa saying a protest march against Zuma isn’t just enough to save the country.

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He said in a letter that he began distributing to political parties, religious and civic society yesterday, that a vehicle needed to be found for all parties, irrespective of political affiliation, to assemble and hammer out a common future for South Africa that was binding to all.

“Our nation yearns for an alternative route towards finding sustainable solutions to our vexing problems and to remove the dark cloud that hangs over our fledgling democracy,” he wrote while urging citizens to join hands to make the national convention a success.