Another Woolworths Customer Finds A Foreign Body In Frankfurters


It’s a catastrophe at Woolworths as yet another customer has taken to their social media page to display a shocking revelation inside a supposed fresh pack of Frankfurters.

Anuschka Vorster Nagy‎ posted a picture of pieces of what appear to be plastic inside the Frankfurters onto the Woolworths Facebook page and wrote: Foreign

“I am a regular customers at Woolies. Imagine my horror when I found this embedded in my Frankfurters. Which by the way is what I give my kids for lunch.

“Logged a complaint on Monday and still to date no action and no collection from Woolies. Shocking!!! Not only is this a health risk but they are meant to be a premium brand store.”


Charne Van Der Linde commented on Nagy’s post and said “People please don’t buy Biltong from Woolworths found disgusting fly at the bottom of the pack only discovered this after giving the Biltong to my Colleagues at work one of them noted it in the Packet embarrassed and had to apologize on behalf of Woolworths and surely my Colleagues was so disgusted refusing to buy from Woolworths again and I work at a big Company and ofcos people spread the word, I took packet back only to get a refund and no feedback or reimbursement until today regarding this embarrassing event !!!”

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The Facebook post generated a widespread of support from other affected customers who added their own complaints to the long list.

Allan Bezuidenhout wrote “Observe the beautiful long black hair found in the brocolli/cauliflower. Really concerned about how Woolworths food gets prepared if this happens …. and I thought that Woolworths has a reputation for better quality ?”

Jo-Anne Du Plooy also added to the list of unsatisfied customers with a picture of a 750ml bottled water she bought and said “Hi Woolies, just bought water from Big Bay store….VERY strong chemical taste and smell in the water??? Maybe look into the plastic, really doesn’t taste healthy!! It’s the 750ml bottle”

One user, Elize Gibbon, posted on the same comments thread saying: “Not buying at Woolies anymore! Bought meat that went off within a day, took it back and was told by a very arrogant manager that I should buy a cooler bag to put meat in! That was the last straw for me! Fruit and veg are disgusting for the premium they charge!”

Replying Woolworths said: “We’re terribly sorry for disappointing you, Elize. If you have any quality or service issues please contact us directly on [email protected] We’d be glad to assist.”

Meanwhile Woolworths took time to respond and apologise to every customer who complained on their Facebook page

Charmaine Howden made reference to woolworths’ quick response on the social media and said: “It’s amazing how quick they respond the moment you put it out on social media hey? Scared of losing customers Woolworths? Disgusting show from your side!”

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