WATCH: Another War In The NA As EFF MPs Are Thrown Out Again


Economic Freedom Fighters EFF MPs have once again been forcibly removed from the National Assembly chamber for trying to disrupt today’s meeting.

Decorum was thrown out the window when the EFF MPs waged war against speaker Baleka Mbete ordering her to cancel the seating.

As President Zuma was answering questions asked by the members of the parliament, the party members began singing Senzeni na? and saying they had never agreed to let “a thieving president” speak in Parliament.

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“We are asking you not to allow the president to speak here‚” said EFF leader Julius Malema‚ who insisted the president needed to be “rehabilitated” and should not be seen at the parliament following the Constitutional Court ruling on his Nkandla homestead.

A cacophony of shouting and screaming engulfed the chamber with the party members saying: “Zuma is the one who must go‚ you can do anything you want to do … you can kill us‚ we are not scared of anything … We won’t keep quiet. Sergeant at arms tell Zuma to go. Sergeant at arms tell Zuma to go.”

After about 15 minutes of their disruptive attitude, the MPs were forcefully and carried out of the chamber amidst a brief brawl with security agents.

Water bottles, handbags and fists flew as the MPs refused to go quietly and as Speaker Mbete said she would not allow Malema to make any more speeches.

The EFF has since the first appearance of President Zuma after the concort ruling against him, promised to disrupt every meeting of the parliament if the speaker insists on allowing Zuma in.

In a previous meeting by the house, the party members were thrown out of the chambers and suspended for five working days after their refusal to withdraw from the chamber as ordered out by Speaker Baleka Mbete during a debate on the Presidency budget vote which erupted into a chaos.

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Today, the Parliamentary protection services members were pelted with objects and some defiant group of EFF members were seen spraying them fire extinguishers as they gathered around the EFF members‚ who broke into songs.