Another Nkandla Discovered In Tshwane, New Mayor Says


DA’s new mayor for Tshwane Solly Msimanga has discovered a new Nkandla deal in his municipality.

The new mayor who is busy investigating alleged renovations made by the ANC led government in the municipality, named his investigation Nkandla 2.0

Part of the areas investigated by the new mayor is Pretoria’s city hall which supposedly cost R90 million taxpayers money for renovation.

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According to report by IOL, Tshwane new mayor Msimanga said it was “actually a shame” and “shocking that we have nothing but another version of the Nkandla debacle” as he takes a tour on the renovated site

Msimanga also noted that not only were the improvements not satisfactory, damage had actually been done to the city’s heritage

“We’ve really tampered with the rich heritage of this city and this is something that I am still to investigate and find out really how people can justify spending that much money for the damage they did,” he said.

Solly Msimanga earlier warned all ANC councilors in the city to get prepared as he is ready to expose all corrupt practices swept under the carpet during the ANC-led regime of government in the municipality.

He said, while addressing municipal councilors at the council meeting, that he would leave no stone unturned in exposing all hidden practices of the ruling party in the municipality and that he would make sure those involved are put where they ought to be – the prison cell.

Keeping to his words, the mayor said aside investigating the money used in developing the city hall, he was also investigating why R500 million had been spent on a stadium in Soshanguve and was looking into several other sites where city infrastructure was crumbling.

“There are a lot of sites that I will be visiting in the coming weeks, but what I don’t want to do is announce where I will be going to otherwise people could try to sweep things under the carpet.

“I want to continue to do these unannounced visits, so I can see first-hand what is not working, so that when we start implementing solutions, at least I would have seen it for myself,” he said.

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Speaking further on this, the executive spokesperson for Tshwane Matthew Gerstner said the mayor wants to follow the correct procedures and properly table these reports.

“Solly Msimanga has damning reports against senior officials in the former ANC administration, which require investigation. Once the treasuries have confirmed these financial irregularities are outside the law, a case will be opened with the police,” he said.