Another Jesus Emerges IN KZN… And He’s Been Fighting Devil The Past 22 Years


Numerous scary, strange, disgusting, crazy and bizarre things have been going on in the name of worship with pastors, prophets and their likes who claim to be representing God especially in Africa, and we’re yet to see the end of it.

For instance, we’ve seen pastors who obviously hypnotize their members making them to eat hairs, undergarments, grass, snakes, rocks, rodents and even get undressed in public; a pastor in Nigeria gained attention when he was seen kicking a woman’s belly with his designers shoe in the name of prayers; in the streets of Johannesburg there are placards inviting people to come see their enemies in the mirror, or to pay a consultation fee and meet the prophet for a permanent solution to their problem; earlier this week, the story about an old man (73) who reportedly left his home to fast for 40 days and night in the forest like Jesus Christ where he was eventually found dead almost went viral, and now, here’s a KZN man claiming to be Jesus Christ.

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Reporting this development, eNCA divulged that “an Eshowe man is claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. He has set up a compound in the northern KwaZulu-Natal town, and has already gathered over a dozen disciples.”

This Jesus formally named Moses Hlongwane is being accused of tearing families apart. One of his disciples, Paul Sibiya (84-year-old) deserted his wife of 41 years to move in with other followers to the worship compound. Sibiya revealed that he and many of those living in the compound are on government grants, and that he gives his entire pension to Hlongwane.

According to him, he is “a pensioner…I don’t use it to support my wife but I give to the king of kings as a financial boost.” Meanwhile, Alfin, Sibiya’s wife lamented that her husband abandoned her to follow-up his religious convictions. when she confronted him, he told her his action is a “sacrifice he needed to make for his soul.”

While Hlongwane’s followers related that they are on a mission to get the whole world to acknowledge their leader as the genuine Jesus Christ, Hlongwane insisted that he is just like his namesake who spent years in the wilderness, and has been resurrected as the son of God. Based on what he said, he has been in a room since 1992 and has spent 22 years fighting with the devil whom he has now conquered. “I will never see death and I am now getting ready for the opening of the graves and healing of blind and the lame” he said.

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