Another ANC Ward Councillor’s Life Is Threatened


Report has it that an ANC ward Councillor at Shaka’s Head is on the run to save his life from angry protesters who torched his home and car. According to the Ward 4 Councillor, Jethro Banda, the protesters are SA Communist party (SACP) supporters and they are angry because their candidate did not secure the nomination for his position.

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Reporting this, IOL narrated that “in October, the ANC held its branch general meeting where three people were nominated for a Councillor position in the local government elections”

The ANC ward Councillor related that he amassed 85 votes during the process whereas the “two other candidates received 20 and 16 votes. These men instigated this attack because they are power-hungry,” He said.

“These people want to sow division within the ANC…In 1996 and 2011 the same people mobilized people to cause chaos, but the police contained the situation. Now they have burnt my car and house.”

Confirming this event, Police spokesman, Major Thulani Zwane delineated that the protesters were residents who were angry with the poor service delivery.

Based on what Zwane said, the protesters barricaded the N2 and R102 with burning tires and rubber bullets were fired to disperse the crowd. “A while later, a Shaka’s Head Councillor’s house and a vehicle were set alight. Twelve suspects have been taken into custody, while waiting for the complainant to open a case of arson,” he related.

While the ANC ward Councillor insisted that the protest was not related to service delivery, he argued that Shaka’s Head is among the top three best performing wards in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, KwaDukuza local municipal spokesman, S’fiso Zulu disclosed that the “community members said they did not want the Councillor as their candidate. This is therefore a matter between the ANC and the people,” Zulu added.

Commenting, the ANC provincial spokesman – Mdumiseni Ntuli said; “the people are saying they were told a community meeting scheduled…was cancelled. They were misled because the meeting was taking place and that’s where they should be raising their unhappiness about the Councillor instead of destroying people’s property unnecessarily.”

Also, SACP’s provincial deputy secretary – Matthew Ndlovu said SACP members oughtn’t responsible for the attacks but stated that the party has left the matter for the police to investigate.

“Our structures are denying any involvement in this crime. Our member was one of the candidates for the councillor position, but lost. Maybe that’s why there are these allegations that we are involved in such disturbing behavior.

We have left the matter in the hands of the police. Investigations will reveal who is responsible,” Ndlovu stated.

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