Anonymous Africa Vows To Hack EFF To La-la land For Being A Racist Party


Over the last 48 hours Anonymous Africa hunted two targets. They went after SABC web infrastructure, and took down SAFM, SABC and 5FM websites yesterday to protest the media house censorship.

Also, they attacked EFF’s website and held it hostage for 4 hours.

Anonymous Africa said they attacked SABC because its censorship is coming from the ANC government. SABC, to them, “is now used as a political manipulation tool to protect one corrupt and evil man.”

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EFF on the other end, was attacked for being a black version of the German Nazi Party.

Anonymous Africa proclaimed that they’re against racists of every color and divulged that their recent target choices were driven by racists and a corrupt government.

They nonetheless, stated that they aren’t done. More attacks will be launched soon, they promised.

“We are watching the EFF carefully. They are growing black racism in South Africa at a very quick pace. Unless South Africans want a country burnt to ash, they need to stop this party before they lose control of their country like we did to Zanu-pf.

According to our intel, the largest single sponsor of the EFF is President and tyrant, Robert Mugabe. This is why Julius Malema is so close to Mugabe you would think they are dating and have an intimate relationship with each other,” Anonymous Africa stated.

Also, they disclosed that they will be attacking “”. The site they said, is focused on feeding propaganda to black racists.

“What brought our attention to this site was an obvious piece of propaganda meant to make people hate the white people. The news is focused around a black nationalist/socialist political party in South Africa called “The Economic Freedom Fighter” or EFF.

This racist party is exactly like other nationalist and socialist parties. Two famous nationalist/socialist parties that you know of would be the Nazi Party in Germany and the white South African National Party (who were mostly responsible for Apartheid),” Anonymous Africa added.

The hackers however, specified that they’re fighting for a united South Africa when they twitted:

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Anonymous Africa asserted that EFF’s tactic is to attack anything that is related to white South African culture or white South Africans. They’re certain EFF thrive off fear and hatred. And, believes their mission is to polarize black South Africans against white South Africans as much as possible.

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