Anoj Singh: 4 Ways To Prove He Helped The Guptas Pocket Transnet’s R36 Million


South Africa’s official opposition party (DA) said it will submit an affidavit to the South African Police Service (SAPS) for the inclusion of Anoj Singh in the state capture charges it laid against President Jacob Zuma, the Guptas, several cabinet ministers and senior executives of State Owned Entities.

Mr Anoj Singh is the current Eskom CFO and, the Democratic Alliance party is in possession of a chain of leaked emails which revealed that he helped the Guptas pocket Transnet’s R36 Million.

As revealed, Anoj Singh was sponsored by the Guptas to travel to Dubai at least four times when he was Transnet’s CFO. He embarked on these trips when Transnet awarded R1.8 billion tender to Neotel, a company identified as the Guptas’ preferred bidder.

Brian Molefe was Transnet’s CEO then and, the tender handed the Guptas R36 million when it was eventually awarded to Neotel.

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“Each trip appears to have been fully paid for by the Gupta-owned company – Sahara Computers, which included five-star luxury accommodation at the Oberoi Hotel,” DA stated.

The party asserted it was clear the Guptas needed Neotel to win the contract. This is so because, another Gupta-run company – Homix – made a deal with Neotel.

In the deal, Neotel agreed to pay Homix 2% of the value of the Transnet contract if Homix helps them secure it. Do the math, 2 percent of R1.8 billion is R36 million.

The R36 million deal was the second agreement. The first amounted to a R30 million profit for the Guptas.

It’s believed, Anoj Singh facilitated all the shady earning of millions with his Dubai trips. Below are four ways to prove he helped the Guptas pocketed Transnets’s millions.

1. 6th to 9th June 2014

The date above was when the bidding process for the Transnet contract was open, and no preferred bidder accepted.

Then, Anoj Singh travelled to stay at the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai with Rajesh (Tony) Gupta.

2. 7th to 12th August 2014

Again, Mr Singh travelled to the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai. Reacting to this, DA said:

“It seems not just coincidence that it was during this month that Transnet notified Neotel that it was the new preferred bidder.”

3. 7th to 9th November 2014

The destination was again, Dubai. And, Singh again, stayed at the Oberoi Hotel.

Surprise, surprise! Neotel was awarded the R1.8 billion contract shortly after. The deal was kept, Neotel paid Homix R41 million.

4. 24th to 26th February 2015

The Guptas got their R36 million and Mr Singh was “treated to a celebratory luxury trip to Dubai…in the five-star Oberoi, on the Guptas’ tab,” DA related.

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With that above, the party upheld that Mr Singh has been implicated. “…As such, charges must be brought against him.

“It is also impossible that this arrangement took place without Brian Molefe being aware.

“This revelation shows quite vividly how the Jacob Zuma state capture project has infected all spheres of the state, and corrupt individuals are working to ensure a small group of connected individuals become rich,” DA pointed out.

Thereafter, the party vowed that it won’t back down until every individual involved in the state capture agenda is brought to book.

“Zuma and his friends cannot continue to steal from our people. We must earnestly focus South Africa towards building a prosperous nation, where jobs can be created for all,” added the party.

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