Angry Gupta Employees Barnished ANCYL Leader From A Meeting, See Why


Several reports have it that some angry Gupta employees and the employees of other companies controlled by the Guptas dispelled the ANCYL leader Collen Maine from a meeting on Wednesday.

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Though some tweets on the ANCYL’s twitter account suggested that the incident took place, immediate contact could not be made to confirm the incident from ANCYL and possibly get a reaction from them.

The reports stated that the Gupta employees chanted chased the ANCYL leader to his car amid chants of #Maine must fall#

The incident could be linked to an open letter by Oakbay employees titled “please save our jobs” directed to CEOs Maria Ramos of Absa‚ Jacques Celliers of FNB‚ Ben Kruger of Standard Bank and Michael Brown of Nedbank. In the letter, they appealed to these four major banks to restore relations with the company in order to save their source of livelihoods.

“If by the end of May the accounts remain closed‚ Oakbay’s businesses will close. That means that thousands of us will be without a job‚” the employees state.

“We urge you to recognize that your actions have a human cost.

“Only a few weeks ago the companies we worked for were profitable and our jobs secure. We do not understand why we have become the victims in a political game.”

The four major banks cut ties with Oakbay Investments following an upsurge of accusations brought against its owners (the Guptas) by politicians over their alleged political influence on the ruling party.

However, the angry Gupta employees denied any knowledge of the allegations saying that they cannot say if the allegations are true or not because its non of their business.

“We do not care.

“All we care about is providing for our families. If you do not open Oakbay’s bank accounts we cannot be paid and Oakbay cannot pay its bills.” They add: “We are not rich people. We are not politically connected. We have not captured the state. We have never offered any politician a job.

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“Please reopen the bank accounts so that we do not have to suffer. We‚ the employees‚ have not done anything wrong.”

Oakbay Investments CEO Nazeem Howa told the employees earlier this month that “the closure of our bank accounts has made it virtually impossible to continue to do business in South Africa.”

The ANCYL leader must have received the surprise treatment from the angry Gupta employees because he was not relating what they wanted to hear at the moment.

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