Angela Morake Biography: Everything to Know About Lebo M’s Ex-wife

Angela Morake is a South African entrepreneur, business person and celebrity ex-wife best known as the third wife of Lebohang Morake, popularly known as ‘Lebo M.’

She keeps a very low profile as such a lot of things about her are not available in public space. However, her interesting love life with Lebo M has caught public interest. Of all Lebo M’s wives, he seems to be more interested in her. On the other hand, Angela Morake has proven to be one who believes in giving love a second and even a third chance.

The proud mother of three is said to be an entrepreneur, and while she may have an interesting love life, she also has scars from her love for Lebo M, who she has married three times.

Angela Morake’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Angela Ngani-Casara
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Angela Morake’s Ex-Husband: Lebohang Morake
  • Angela Morake’s Children: Mthunzi, Ketso, and Letti
  • Famous for: Being the recurring wife of Lebo M
  • Angela Morake’s Instagram: @angelacasara

Angela Morake’s Age Is Not Available To The Public

When it comes to Angela Morake’s personal life, she keeps a very low profile. As such, there is no available information about her age, parents, siblings, and the school she attended. Her name before marriage to Lebo was Angela Ngani-Casara. The bulk of what is known about her has to do with her relationship with South African film producer, Lebohang Morake, popularly known as ‘Lebo M.’

Her age is unknown, even though several media outlets report that she may be around her 40s or 50s. Her ex-husband, who was born on the 11th of July, 1964, is said to be older than she is, and from the pictures we see, he looks older than his three-time wife, Angela. You can barely tell that she is a mother of three. We hope in time she will reveal her age.

Her First Marriage With Lebo M Happened In 2008

Angela Morake was Lebo M’s third wife. Before getting married to him, he was married to Vivica Gibson for about five years, and at the time of this first marriage, Lebo M was not famous. In 1992, he met Nandi Ndlovu, and two years later, they walked down the aisle. However, after more than a decade of being married, things got sour, and they went their separate ways.

After being married twice and signing divorce papers twice, Lebo M found love again with Angela Ngani-Casara. Details about how they met are not available; however, in 2008, they got married. His ex-wife Nandi accused him of trying to push her off the road in 2009, but he denied the allegations.

Barely Five Years After Their Marriage, They Got Divorced

Unfortunately for Angela and Lebo M, things didn’t work out for them as a couple, and as a result, barely five years after their marriage, they got into a messy divorce. According to reports, they separated due to ownership of their house in Johannesburg. All the while, Angela thought the property belonged to Lebo, because he bought it. Only for her to find out that the house was on a lease.

Upon this discovery, she confronted him, and it escalated to an issue that could not be settled. Lebo was reported to have gone as far as throwing her out of the house with nothing but her clothes. This was how a chapter of their love story came to an end.

In 2016, Angela Got Married To Lebo M Again

After their divorce in 2013, her now-ex-husband Lebo M got into a relationship with Zoe Mthiyane, a lady who was 18 years younger than him. And in the course of their relationship, Zoe got pregnant for him, but due to a prenuptial agreement, their engagement to get married did not pull through.

A few weeks after calling off his engagement with Zoe in 2016, Angela linked up with Lebo again, and they started spending more time with each other. While keeping each other company, they probably realized that they still wanted to spend forever with each other, and as such, they decided to give marriage another try.

That same year, in 2016, the love birds traveled to Egypt, where they exchanged their second marital vows near the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. The small but fanciful wedding was attended by only close friends and family.

Her Second Marriage With Lebo Did Not Last For More Than A Year

One would have thought that getting back together, especially to the point of getting married for a second time, would have been a well-thought-out plan by these two lovers. After their fancy wedding in Egypt, many would have surely put a bet on them to go all the way, having understood themselves better. However, we were in for a shocker by the strange couple as their first marriage even lasted longer than the second.

No sooner had they jumped on the both of ‘together forever did they realize that it was the wrong idea the entire time. The second marriage between Angela and Lebo M barely survived a year as they both went their separate ways by the end of 2017. There was no reason given for ending their marriage.

She Got Married To Lebo M Again In 2020

After two failed attempts at marriage with Lebo M, Angela Morake was convinced to give their marital hopes another trial for the third time. In 2020, they exchanged marital vows again. Not long after their wedding, they moved into a new apartment with their children.

However, just like their previous marriage, their third marriage ended the same way. By 2021, they called it quits. In a joint statement, they said they were proud of their efforts and that they hoped things would work out in their third trial, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.

While her love story may seem interesting, it is obviously one that comes with scars. Getting married to the same person three times is not an easy thing to do. It is something only someone who is truly in love can do.

Angela Morake Has 3 Children

Angela Morake’s ex-husband Lebo M is a South African producer and composer. He is famous for producing soundtracks for films like The Lion King, Outbreak, and The Power of One. Angela had just one child with Lebo, a 13-year-old daughter named ‘Letti’. This means that she was convinced during their first marriage. She was born on the 19th of January 2011.

She has two other children, who are not Lebo’s biological children. Her first child is Mthunzi, and despite not being Lebo’s biological child, they still have a good relationship. Her first daughter (who is her second child) is Ketso Ngani. She has an interest in music. She also has an eponymous YouTube channel.

Angela Morake Is An Entrepreneur

Angela Morake featured in the family’s reality TV show, Lebo M: Coming Home on Showmax. However, according to her Instagram bio, she is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Chuze Juice. Chuze Juice is a natural juice that can help its consumers lose weight and maintain glowing skin.

According to her business website, the juice comes in different varieties and flavors – apple, orange, ginger, etc. You don’t have to visit an offline store to buy Chuze Juice, as the website allows you to place orders that will be delivered to you.

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