Zuma Is Squashing SA Economy And Nothing Is Done To Stop Him – Andrew Mlangeni


South African political mogul, Andrew Mlangeni has accused President Jacob Zuma of practically destroying the South African economy and the ANC.

Mlangeni who is presently the chairperson of the party’s integrity committee condemned the African National Congress leaders for not forcing the president to resign since the damning Nkandla Constitutional Court judgment.

He said he is grieved to see the ANC heading on a path of self ­destruction by failing to rein in corrupt leaders that aim at pulling down the party’s glory.

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The ANC veteran spoke extensively on the state of SA economy, the controversial Nkandla upgrades paid for by government to renovate Zuma’s private home to the tune of more than R246 million, e­tolls in Gauteng, and the current stand-off on free tertiary education gripping the country’s universities.

He said ANC ought to have forced Zuma to step down after the court declared that he broke his oath of office following the controversial Nkandla funding.

Andrew Mlangeni said he was initially reluctant to express his view on the state of the nation and the ruling party’s challenges but that South Africa’s ill state calls for urgent redress.

The SA economy and the ruling party are both heading on a path of self-­destruction by failing to rein in corrupt leaders, he said, pointing out that  he thinks the party’s leadership could have handled the Nkandla matter differently.

“I am saying it [Nkandla issue] could have been handled differently. I think they should have taken a decision and asked him to resign because, by not resigning, he has killed the organization and the economy of the country has gone down.”

Commenting on the August 3 local government elections and how the ANC lost to its opposition party, the DA, Mlangeni said he was “deeply hurt” to see voters reject the liberation party because of self­-inflicted mistakes

“It’s hurtful because people stayed away from voting. They say ‘punish the ANC; the ANC must not take us for granted’. If you haven’t learnt from that, you will never learn.”

On the controversial state capture plaguing the Zuma administration, Andrew Mlangeni said the NEC should have realized that persisting with the implementation of e-tolls in Gauteng and the scandals around the Guptas damaged the party.

“The e­tolls issue made us loses some votes. The Nkandla issue and the Guptas thing, we should have seen that these were going to cost us more … We lost very badly.”

He stressed that the ANC is losing voter support because of self-inflicted mistakes but the party leaders are yet to awake to that fact.

“It’s hurtful because people stayed away from voting. They say ‘punish the ANC, the ANC must not take us for granted’. If you haven’t learnt from that, you will never learn.”

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He ended by saying he wishes to leave the ANC in a good state when he dies. ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said the party would not comment about members criticizing the party in public.

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