Andisiwe Mnyani Watched As Boyfriend Killed Her 7-Month-Old Baby


Andisiwe Mnyani remains traumatized as Police are searching for her 32-year-old boyfriend who allegedly murdered her seven-month-old baby by hitting the baby against her Phillipi home’s walls and ceilings.

Andisiwe Mnyani’s former-boyfriend allegedly beat the baby to death during an argument earlier this week.

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Mnyani could not stop crying as she painfully recalled the night her seven-month-old daughter, Inganathi, was brutally assaulted and murdered in front of her by her boyfriend. He hit Andisiwe Mnyani severally before transferring the aggression to the baby.

“He stamped on my baby once. Then he hit her against the wall. First he hid her in the bin and for the third time he hit her against the electric pole.”

Andisiwe Mnyani said that she woke up to feed her child in the early hours of the morning earlier this week, when they started arguing and the man went into a rage that overcame him.

The man went ahead to beat her seven-month-old daughter, Inganathi, before flinging her body against the ceiling, walls, and prepaid electricity meter which eventually led to the baby’s demise.

The couple’s seven-year-old daughter tried as much as possible to stop her father while her mother screamed for help, but Andisiwe Mnyani says their efforts were in vain.

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Prior to the incident, the man had spent two years in Pollsmoor Prison for shoplifting, and was released on parole just last week.

The Western Cape police said a case of murder was being investigated, and the man was still on the run. He was wearing a white vest, a pair of navy and white shorts, and slippers as at the last time he was seen.

In a similar case, a man used his two-day-old baby to attack his girlfriend during an argument that ensued between them about the paternity of the baby.