Mngxitama Accuses White People Of Carting Away Billions Of Rands Daily


Speaking in a debate hosted by the South African Association of Public Administration and Management’s Gauteng chapter, Black First Land First leader Andile Mngxitama accused whites of carting away with billions of Rands from National Treasure.

Sadly, the wide-mouthed leader regretted that the whites use the looted money to take care of themselves at the expense of the black people, who are left in the cold.

Justifying his claims, he accused white leaders in the DA and the party as a whole of neglecting black people in municipalities they govern.

Andile Mngxitama, who formed part of a panel that also included Women’s Justice Foundation founder Magdalene Moonsamy and DA MP Stevens Mokgalapa, slammed the opposition party, citing metros like Western Cape, Cape Town, Khayelitsha, Nyanga and others as places where the DA runs exclusively for their benefit.

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He emphasized:

“The DA is a party of white monopoly capital and white supremacy. Our people in the Western Cape, as we speak, are using pota-pota. That city has billions of rand. The DA does not invest money in the infrastructural development of black people in the Western Cape.

“Money has been rolled over because they need to give white people tenders. White people’s companies in the Western Cape are oversubscribed. All the educated black people are running to Joburg, but unfortunately now they can’t anymore.”

The defiant leader also lambasted the ruling party and the EFF for turning their back on black people in the face of the growing racism. To him, racism doesn’t ask if one is EFF or ANC because every black man is at the center of being attacked.

He added: “When racism deals with us, it does not ask if we are EFF or ANC, it treats all of us the same. We, as black people, need to realise that our enemy is not one another.”

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Moving over to Gordhan’s scuffle with the Hawks, Andile Mngxitama insisted that Gordhan’s and former finance minister Trevor Manuel’s mission is to “collapse” SOEs in order to pave way for whites to buy and privatize them.

Dissatisfied with the recent fracas over privatization of state entities, he disclosed that the DA has been working to take state entities and hand them over to whites.

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