ANCYL Joins EFF, Says Minimum Wage Ought To Be R5,000 And Above


The ANCYL has joined the Fighters to reject the proposed National Minimum Wage of R3,500 saying SA minimum wage ought to be R5,000 and above.

It was yesterday that BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the Fighters upheld that no one must earn less than R4,500 per month.

EFF had insisted that they wouldn’t support Ramaphosa’s minimum wage proposal, and will mobilise all workers to reject it in favour of a much more meaningful National Minimum Wage of no less than R4,500.

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The ANCYL today, joined the EFF in the agitation stating that they’ve rejected the current proposed national minimum wage.

In a statement, ANCYL appreciated the move and consensus on the principle of a minimum wage across the country and among stakeholders.

Thereafter, the youth league indicated that they are not happy with the current proposal on the issue. They said:

“The ANCYL holds a strong view that the minimum wage ought to be R 5000. 00 and above. We say this fully aware that this will mean immense alterations from employers who some of them are part of the working class. The ANCYL wishes to urge all stakeholders to reconsider the current proposal and make it better.

As the ANCYL we wish to advise stakeholders to first conduct a study of living conditions and expenses of the least paid workers rather than looking at what employers say can pay workers. The most affected here are general workers, domestic workers, security guards and cleaners. These sectors are highly populated by the youth who some of them are parents, heads of household and look after many dependants.”

Noting that the proposal comes from the National Economic and Development Labour Advisory Council (NEDLAC) which consist of government, employers and employees; ANCYL asked the advisory council to ensure that no employer will seek retrenchment.

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“This is what employers do every time they want to turn out people against government and most importantly unions who work tirelessly to improve the lives of workers,” added the ANC youth league.

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