‘We Want Hlaudi In Government, He’s The Chosen One – ANCLY Sings


Despite growing criticism alongside various court orders against him, Hlaudi Motsoeneng still wins the heart of the ANC Youth wing (ANCYL) who went on singing his praise

Recounting what the group referred to as a tremendous transformation of the SABC, ANC Youth League (ANCYL) leaders maintained their strong support for Motsoeneng, charging him to take up other important offices in the government so he could spread his good works there.

“Hlaudi is us; we are Hlaudi‚” said ANCYL eThekwini chair Thembo Nthuli.

“We want Hlaudi to get into government and lead part of the department so you will see transformation. If you believe what we’re saying is wrong, engage us‚” he said to faithful comrades under the white awning at the KwaMuhle Museum in the Durban city centre on Tuesday.

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Prior to this, the group’s regional secretary general Thinta Cibane described Hlaudi as sent to transform the country. He even at the time charged him to change his name to “Transformation” because of the work he did at the state broadcaster

“He’s heading everything. There are many people on that board‚ but we know Hlaudi. You are all we have. We said in Mangaung [at the ANC’s 2012 national conference] we wanted 60% local content. Hlaudi gave us 90%‚” Cibane said.

These commendations from the youth wing of SA’s strongest and ruling party, seems to give the embattled Hlaudi moral support to continue his fight against those who want him down.

This exaltation happens to be the third time that Motsoeneng would receive from the group since he formed allies with them. He has been a guest of the ANCYL in KwaZulu-Natal in the past three weeks and each time he visited, he receives endless praises, including calls for him to become a member of the ANC’s powerful‚ decision-making national executive committee.

Taking the podium to address the ANCYL after receiving his praises, Hlaudi Motsoeneng started his address by saying he was not always like the calm Basotho people from his home province, the Free State. Instead‚ they said his attitude was “like [the] Zulus”.

“I do that because I’m unique‚ I’m a special person‚” he said to a long applause and laughter.

“South Africa is very interesting‚ because we have been negotiating too long when it comes to implementation‚ when it comes to transformation,” Motsoeneng said.

He also said his name hardly leaves the lips of people because of his radical moves in bringing about transformation. “I’m very radical when it comes to transformation. And I don’t apologise for that‚” he said.

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Feeding off the audience‚ who were eating out the palm of his hand‚ Motsoeneng said people were “making noise” because of what he achieved at the SABC.

“If you go to SABC you’ll realise that 90% contribution and solution is Hlaudi‚” he said, adding that he would want to have more impact for all South Africans than just at the SABC.

“If you want someone who’s not afraid‚ it’s me. For me‚ I believe that if we implement whatever is going to benefit SA‚ I don’t go and consult many people because I know what we want‚” he said.

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