ANCYL Wants Young South Africans To Help Zuma Pay For Nkandla


Mmusi Maimane’s party says ANCYL is “deeply insensitive” for calling on South African Youth to mobilize and help Zuma pay for his R7.8M Nkandla bill.

DA said the ANCYL call is shameful and should be treated with the contempt it deserves.

“While 6 in 10 of our youth are without jobs and many students have no funds to complete their studies; it is quite frankly disgusting to call upon the already struggling youth to help a corrupt President who has done so little to help them progress in life.

The fact that the ANCYL still has the nerve not only to support the use of state funds for the President’s house is deeply insensitive to the plight of young people in South Africa,” stated the opposition party.

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The party said Zuma’s Nkandla championed the neglect of many South Africans who’re suffering because the ANC government disregarded them.

It also argued that the R7.8M Nkandla bill Zuma will payback is a small victory for South Africans.

“Billions are needed to help provide students with access to quality education and for the development of small business that will subsequently provide them with jobs. Addressing these needs should be the priority of the ANCYL and not blindly protecting President Jacob Zuma,” DA instructed.

With the foregoing, the party charged that nobody else but President Zuma must pay back the R7.8M Nkandla bill.

“President Zuma has a track record of getting his pals to pay his bills and mobilizing the youth is now a step too far. To this end, the DA rejects the notion that any person can pay back any portion of the R7.8 million public funds used for upgrades at President Jacob Zuma’s private residence at Nkandla, other than President Zuma himself.

We wish to make it clear that Zuma must pay the money personally. That is what is ordered by the Constitutional Court and we will be keeping a keen eye on the payment being made expeditiously,” added the party.

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The party thereafter, promised to fight to ensure the youth no longer suffer due to ANC corruption.

“We will ensure that our youth are a priority in government spending and should be protected from being used as political pawns as the ANCYL has disgracefully attempted,” DA vowed.

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