ANCWL President’s Love Is For Zuma Not SA Women


Democratic Alliance (DA) says ANCWL President Bathabile Dlamini has chosen Zuma over the women of South Africa who suffer in silence from domestic abuse and sexual harassment.

According to the opposing party, the decision by the ANCWL President to side with the President over Vytjie Mentor regarding the allegations of sexual advances he made against her is unfortunate. And it indicates that Dlamini has chosen to abandon her mandate to improve the lot of women in the country.

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DA stated that “by arguing that every member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has ‘skeletons which should not be brought into public domain,’ Dlamini is implicitly endorsing the view that allegations such as those made by Vytjie are best left unaired.”

Pointing out that thousands of women in the country suffer daily in silence from domestic abuse and sexual harassment, the party wailed that the ANCWL and Dlamini prefer to “protect and salvage President Zuma’s deteriorating reputation” in their blind service to him and his acolytes.

“ANCWL has chosen to abandon its commitment to the rights of women and instead undercut advances made over the years for women to speak out against abuses and violations in their personal and professional spaces.

Dlamini has shown no intention in seeking restitution for the women violated by senior members, and has ensured that violators such as Marius Fransman and President Jacob Zuma are left to perpetuate their patriarchal attitudes unchecked.

In failing to condemn these attitudes, Dlamini is making herself complicit in the continued subjugation and oppression of women by refusing to challenge senior ANC members who continue to disregard the constitutional rights of women and render the cries of women like Mentor unheeded,” reads the statement.

With the foregoing, DA highlighted that nobody in South Africa will “experience true freedom whilst others endure ongoing oppression.”

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