‘Touching Zuma Will Ravage The Ruling Party’ – ANCWL Leader Bathabile Dlamini Warns


It is no news that president Zuma has been on a hot seat in the past few weeks, having courted various degrees of ‘troubles’. Truly, the painful part of the whole drama is that these ‘troubles’ surfaced simultaneously.

But that notwithstanding, the ruling party has thrown its weight behind the president. And once more, the ANC Women’s League president Bathabile Dlamini has shown unalloyed support for President Jacob Zuma.

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Dlamini, who reiterated her support for the president warned opposition groups that touching the president will tantamount to destroying the ruling party entirely.

“The president of the ANC is the face of the ANC and, therefore, if you allow people to destroy the president, the following day we will wake up without an organization. We must be very careful.”

The ANCWL president, who also doubled as the minister of social development belaboured that certain “issues”, which have been trendy in the country must be handled with great care and respect.

“Respecting the president means respecting the office. These are simple things we need to understand. These things happen throughout the world. We are not a country on an island,” she said.

Dlamini, who spoke to City Press on Friday also denied knowing anything about ‘state capture’ when asked about the maxim. “I don’t know what that means. There is so much jargon that is being introduced,” Dlamini said.

She further said “Do we always question the things that people say about others? We are not children and should not be treated like children. Some things are written on the wall.”

She stated that she is not against deputy finance minister’s confession but that the matter should be left for the ruling party to handle.

Dlamini noted that such revelation is not new to the ANC anyway, but just that this time around, the recent revelations were publicly made.

“There are people who raised this before, but inside the ANC,” she said, referring to Sport and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula, who allegedly told the national executive committee (NEC) how his appointment was first mentioned to him by the Guptas.

The leader also attacked enemies of democracy, who she said always pick on ANC presidents.

Dlamini also seized the opportunity to address ANC secretary-general’s comment about her. She maintained that it was up to Mantashe how he characterized her.

“The ANC has taken decisions in the NEC … How someone characterized Bathabile depends on that person.”

We will recall that the ruling party’s scribe had earlier dubbed Dlamini an ‘ill-disciplined’ leader. This was after Dlamini had earlier asserted that every member of the ANC’s NEC had “skeletons which should not be brought into the public domain.”

So, last week, the ruling party said it would take disciplinary actions against the party’s Women and Youth League Presidents for the comments they made about the ANC NEC and the Deputy Finance Minister.

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