War Against White-Owned Print Media: ANCWL Presents Shocking Idea To Govt


Aggressive African National Congress Women League (ANCWL) is at it again.

This time, the league has placed a contentious demand at the doorstep of the Zuma-led government.

The League on Friday asked President Zuma to stop patronizing white-owned print media, who they said are the subjective determiner of most public agenda in the country.

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According to the ANCWL, all will be well should the ANC government assist black-owned media houses, rather than channeling its advertisement to these white-owned media houses.

In addition, it said governement should also develop black-owned print media houses 50% of which must be managed by black women, the league stressed.

African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) secretary-general Meokgo Matuba, who spoke at length on the matter, also encouraged government from the national to the local level to embrace this idea and work towards it, as it’s the only means to disband the four big players in the South African print media.

Matuba alleged that these four big players in the South African print media collude “with forces of darkness to peddle propaganda against the ANC and its government for the purpose of advancing regime change”

She added that now is the right time to cripple white-owned print media oligopoly in South Africa because it is long overdue.

National spokeswoman Toko Xasa, who weighed in on the matter also appealed to the ANC-led government to support ownership, control and access to media by historically disadvantaged communities.

She added: “Facts reflect that after 22 years of democracy, the print media in South Africa is still dominated by four big players. These companies also dominate the entire value chain of the market, especially the printing, distribution and advertising.

They own almost all the mainstream newspapers and community newspapers, most of the consumer magazine titles, some of specialist magazines and online news platforms.”

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Xasa disclosed that the ANCWL is not agitating for media to be ANC government’s praise singers but for them to publish reliable, accurate and credible information.

Nevertheless, the league failed to name any white-owned print media that should be dismantled.

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