COSATU – Corruption And Service Delivery Failures Dwindled ANC’s Support At Polls


The Congress Of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) said corruption and service delivery failures dwindled ANC’s support at polls.

COSATU issued a statement on the 2016 Local Government Election results saying the ANC is the architect of its bad performance.

The Congress noted with “unease and disappointment” that the ANC’s support in “national vote has decreased dramatically.”

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And, added that it’s “lamentable” the ANC failed to hold on to some of the big Metropolitan Municipalities across South Africa.

Also, COSATU remarked that ANC’s support reduced because the election happened in the midst of a stagnant economy with high unemployment, poverty and inequalities.

“While these are disheartening developments, it would be insincere to pretend that there were no visible signs of a gradual decline of our movement.

The narrow focus on internal factional battles, the corruption scandals and the growing distance from the people have gradually eroded its high moral ground and weakened its political capacity and that of its leadership.

This declining prestige has obviously undermined and compromised the ANC from playing its historical role of leading society.

…Some of our people have also been left torn apart and disappointed by the scale of corruption and some of the service delivery failures,” COSATU’s statement asserted.

With the above, COSATU went on to proclaim that the support ANC lost, should provide “pleanty food for thought.”

According to the Trade Unions, there’s a need for deep reflection and analysis.

“The ANC need to go back to the people of South Africa and embark on a listening campaign. (The campaign must) include doing something drastic to kick-start the economy that has alienated many people, ban labor brokers that have created the underclass of the working poor; and also doing away with the universally rejected e-tolls in Gauteng.

This is no time to wallow is self pity and allow demoralization or frustrations to sidetrack us because at this juncture, we are all called upon to defend our revolution,” COSATU charged.

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As such, it indicated it’s time to deal decisively with the factional battles that have paralyzed the ANC.

“These election results have shown the irrationality and dangers of gate keeping, factionalism and the narrow political battles. They have opened a space and allowed white monopoly capital and their agents like the DA, to tighten their grip on the country’s economic and political setting,” added COSATU.

Thereafter, the congress called on workers to be ready for battles saying any DA led municipality means misery and exploitation for the workers.

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