EFF Attacks ANC’s Peace Mabe Over Fraud To Earn Double Salary – See Full Statement


Following the revelation that ANC’s Peace Mabe never resigned as an MP before being sworn in as a Councillor, the Fighters opened a fraud case against her.

To the EFF, it was fraudulent of Mabe to accept her nomination and voting in the Mogale City without tendering a resignation as an MP. Below is the Party’s full statement on the issue.

EFF Statement On ANC’s Peace Mabe Fraud Case

The EFF has opened a case of fraud against the foul mouthed Bertha Peace Mabe who was recently sworn in as councilor in Mogale City.

The EFF case no# 1979/08/2016 was opened in Cape Town last night on the merit that she accepted a position as a councilor but did not resign from the National Assembly as is required by the Constitution that governs Parliamentary and Council issues.

The Constitution is clear in Chapter 4 which deals specifically with Parliamentary legislation. Section 47 reads as follows

1. Every citizen who is qualified to vote for the National Assembly is eligible to be a member of the Assembly, except —

(a) anyone who is appointed by, or is in the service of, the state and receives remuneration for that appointment or service, other than —

(i) the President, Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers; and

(ii) other office-bearers whose functions are compatible with the functions of a member of the Assembly, and have been declared compatible with those functions by national legislation;

(b) permanent delegates to the National Council of Provinces or members of a provincial legislature or a Municipal Council;…

2. A person loses membership of the National Assembly if that person —

(a) ceases to be eligible;

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Peace Mabe has been a Parliamentarian for more than 5 years. She knows these principles that guide the proceedings of the organs of state.

But the fraudster that she is, she was hoping no-one would notice and she would earn a double salary for the next few months for doing nothing.

Even in parliament she did nothing except shout and be vulgar in defence of her no#1 role model, fraudster Zuma.

She defended him feverishly because she knew deep inside they are the same, both fraudsters and shameless criminals. Peace Mabe is a disgrace to women folk on this Women’s Month. She deserves to rot in jail like her President.

But this is the culture of the ANC. Of late it breeds corrupt individuals who will go to any lengths to steal money from the public purse.

They spent the last few years defending that criminal President of theirs, bending rules, flouting the constitution and making fools of themselves like Peace Mabe did, only for the fraudster president to throw them under the bus and leave them in the wilderness when all was said and done.

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Now the chickens have come home to roost. Their power is diminishing because of him. They are losing their livelihoods because of him. Peace Mabe is a prime example.

She lost mayor-ship in Mogale City because of that Zuma and that ANC that she was even willing to be vulgar to defend.

Her political career is now at the crossroads because of him. She is so desperate that she will even try to steal from the public purse. The courts will find her guilty and give her the harshest punishment. What goes around comes around.

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