ANC’s NEC Initiates Lifestyle Audits For Political Leaders To Fight Corruption


Corruption must fall, says the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC). As such, it has called for the introduction of a lifestyle audits for political leaders and public servants.

The resolution by ANC’s NEC is one of its programme of action towards the 2019 General Elections. The essence is to halt the electoral decline of the ruling party,  reclaim lost ground and restore the trust and confidence of the people in the ANC.

In a three days meeting, the National Executive Committee identified that factionalism and corruption have created a trust deficit between the people and the ANC. And, have triggered a loss of confidence by the people in the party.

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Also, ANC’s NEC highlighted that South Africans expect the party to hastily create jobs, fight crime and deal decisively with corruption.

To respond to the people’s expectations, the NEC resolved that there is a need to increase quantitative membership and qualitative leadership within ANC ranks.

That it said, must be done through the deepening of the party’s ideological clarity.

Referring to the scourges of factionalism, disunity and corruption associated with the party, ANC’s NEC demanded a for stronger consequence management within the ANC.

“Discipline within the ANC must stringently enforced at all levels and the values of the ANC must be discernible in all members in statement and conduct.

“Self-serving and careerist politicians must be discouraged from our ranks and those who use the ANC for selfish gain acted against,” asserted the National Executive Committee.

In accordance with the foregoing, it called for the introduction of ad hoc lifestyle audits for political leaders and public servants. Also, the executive committee charged that all allegations of corruption must be responded to and clarified as soon as they arise.

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ANC’s NEC also complained about the nation’s economy asserting that monopoly capital is the main enemy. “ANC must do more to fundamentally alter the structure of our economy,” the NEC charged.