ANC NEC Is Consulting Zuma On How To Fall Gracefully


Admittedly, you have countless reasons to be pissed with the ruling party. But, Don’t give up on the ANC yet, the party isn’t ignoring your calls for Zuma to fall.

ANC understands your dissatisfaction and is only taking time to make the right decision for you, the party and South Africa at large. ANC’s NEC according to reports, is consulting Mr Zuma on how to fall, albeit gracefully.

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The reports says senior ANC leaders will present a plan to ANC’s NEC come end of this month. The report is expected to detail recommendations on how Zuma will be ousted as the leader of the nation but in a dignified and elegant manner.

An M&G report headlined – “ANC Top Brass Plan Zuma’s Exit” highlighted that ANC “NEC insiders claim that President Jacob Zuma is being consulted on ways to bow out gracefully.”

As related, the President is willing to fall as the leader of South Africa before the expiration of his term in 2019 to redeem the deteriorated integrity of the ruling party.

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An anonymous insider reportedly confirmed the plans to oust Zuma. The insider as quoted said; “I love President Zuma but I can’t be part of those who want to destroy the ANC…It can’t be that the organization must disintegrate because of one man. This country requires a unique intervention.”

BuzzSouthAfrica previously reported that ANC NEC have been lobbying to recall Zuma. Therein, it was related that big shots in the ANC have been carefully lobbying to recall Mr President, and would have succeeded if not for certain strong-men who have dedicated their strength and influence in the party to defending Zuma.

In another report, BuzzSouthAfrica detailed that some ANC big shots are crafting bold plans to oust Jacob Zuma as ANC President and the President of South Africa as soon as the local government elections are over.

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However, many have suggested that Zuma is not the problem. To them, it ought to be #ANCMustFall and not ZumaMustFall. To them, Zuma is just a fraction of a larger problem.

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