ANC’s Mass Action Against Judiciary, A Ploy To Influence The Secret Ballot Case 


Reports about ANC’s mass action against the judiciary emerged earlier today. It’s said that the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal will agitate against the judiciary for meddling with politics.

According to Super Zuma, the provincial secretary, the ANC branch is “concerned about the country being turned into gerontocracy where the separation of powers is being compromised.”

KZN ANC claimed that the mass action against the judiciary was inspired by the court rule for President Zuma to provide the record and reasons for firing Pravin Gordhan and Mcebisi Jonas from his cabinet.

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But then, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said the ANC’s mass action against the judiciary isn’t about the reshuffle case.

“It is a cynical ploy to intimidate the judiciary in relation to the secret ballot case scheduled to be heard on Monday 15 May 2017. It is no coincidence that the KZN ANC has threatened to march to the judiciary on the same day,” EFF stated.

With the above, the Fighters called on all freedom-loving South Africans to defend the judiciary from “unwarranted attacks by ANC hooligans.”

To EFF, ANC’s mass action against the judiciary is one of the “early warning signs of a looming dictatorship and repression on an unprecedented scale.”

In that respect, the Fighters warned the ANC to never underestimate the extent South Africans are prepared to go in defence of the hard-won freedoms contained in the Constitution.

“The South African judiciary is the only arm of the state which still has any credibility left. Judges are not allowed to defend themselves from public attacks.

“EFF rejects the recent wave of statements from the Gupta faction of the ANC openly and unfairly attacking the judiciary for fulfilling its Constitutional mandate.

“The illiterate response of the ANC means that it does not understand the democratic Constitution it claims to have brought to South Africa.

” This confirms our suspicions that in its desperation for political power, the ANC merely signed our land away without even reading the document,” stated the Fighters.

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EFF also argued that the rationality of executive decisions ought to be tested by scrutinising the reasons behind such decisions.

“This applies to all members of the executive which includes the President, the Deputy President and all Ministers.

“Executive decisions are challenged for rationality on a daily basis in our courts. This has been the case for the past 23 years against every ANC President and every Minister, MEC, Mayor and the like from any political party,” added the Fighters.

 Above all, Malema’s party expressed that the judiciary will continue to act without prejudice, fear or favour.

“…Desperate attempts at judicial intimidation are despicable and a threat to democracy and all freedom-loving South Africans,” upheld the fighters.

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