DA Takes Speaker Of Joburg, Dan Bovu Vows To Punish EFF


Democratic Alliance’s Vasco Da Gama emerged the speaker of Johannesburg as ANC’s Dan Bovu vows to punish the EFF for defamation.

The ANC Councillor revealed he’ll drag EFF to court. And, denied the allegations that he tried to bribe EFF Councillors to vote with the ANC during the elections.

ANC’s Dan Bovu issued a statement where he asserted that the EFF allegations against him are defamatory and spurious.

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According to Bovu, he’s never met with any of the EFF Councillors.

He said: “I have noted with great concern the serious, defamatory and spurious allegations of bribery that the EFF is making against me to bribe their Johannesburg Councillors.

It must be stated that I have never met EFF councillors nor have I offered anyone bribes to vote with the ANC.

With that, he pointed out that the EFF allegations are desperate and that the party will be punished for that.

“I intend to open a case of defamation against my character by the EFF.

My understanding is that the desperate grandstanding of the EFF is due to what happened in Rustenburg on Friday, where smaller parties rallied around the ANC to form a partnership of cooperation, thus rejecting the EFF and their coalition with their bedfellows, the DA.”

Meanwhile, the EFF in Johannesburg will also, be opening a case of bribery against Dan Bovu.

The party in a statement, condemned Dan Bovu for thinking their “democracy is up for sale.”

EFF said he “has been calling our Councillors, offering them money to the value of R500 000 in exchange for them to vote with the ANC during the elections of the Johannesburg City Council.”

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Earlier, EFF charged its Councillors to go and vote in the election of Mayors, Speakers and Members of Mayoral Committees. The party stipulated that the votes must support all political parties other than the ANC.

“The ANC must be rejected in all the Municipalities. We are solidifying the rejection of the ruling ANC, because for 22 years, the ANC has dismally failed to improve the lives of our people,” EFF remarked.