ANC Youth League Vows To Attack Anybody That “Willy Nilly Attack” Zuma 


Don’t “willy nilly attack” Daddy Zuma, you will incur the wrath of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL)

The ANC Youth League proclaimed that they will continue to rally behind President Zuma until the ANC Conference in December 2017 and the 2019 General Elections.

To them, President Zuma is a father figure and a struggle icon. Thus, they will unconditionally protect him from the outrage against his leadership and wouldn’t think twice about attacking anybody who’s against him.

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The Youth League stated:

“We want to state it categorically that the ANC Youth League will remain the Family of President Zuma. He is welcomed all the time as a father figure and a struggle icon who played a big role to liberate this country in the ANC Youth League.

We reiterate our support for the President fully and unconditionally…We are calling on the President to continue discharging his duties unabated (including rearranging and strengthening his cabinet).”

Thereafter, ANCYL promised that it will henceforth, “tackle head on anybody that thinks that they can willy nilly attack the President”.

ANCYL was reacting to the criticism of Zuma at Ahmed Kathrada’s funeral. Warning that funerals in African custom have always been sacred, ANCYL said: “we will one day be forced to physically disrupt those who find comfort in disrespecting the memory of the dead.”

An excerpt from the ANCYL statement read:

“Even washed up pensioned politicians who are still to recover from Mangaung hangover have found themselves unable to contain their hatred for the President, they even go to an extend of using a funeral to vent out at the movement.

We want to remind South Africans that it was the ANC Youth League who as early as 2004 pronounced Jacob Zuma as the future President of the ANC and the country when it was not fashionable.

It was the ANC Youth League that protected and shielded Cde Jacob Zuma from those who sought to use state power to frustrate his rise to the office of the President. It was the ANC Youth League that played a pivotal role in the election of President Zuma.

It was the ANC Youth League that criss crossed the length and breath of this country and ensured victory for the ANC in 2009 and 2014, it is the ANC Youth League that will continue to rally behind President Zuma until December 2017 ANC Conference and 2019 General Elections.”

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Meanwhile, opposition party’s have triggered a fresh move to remove President Zuma as the leader of South Africa.

While the DA tabled another motion of no confidence in Mr Zuma citing a “reckless assault” on SA economy, EFF presented an application to the Constitutional Court asking that the Speaker of Parliament be ordered to institute impeachment or disciplinary proceedings against President Zuma for conduct associated with the Nkandla scandal.

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