ANC Youth League And EFF Clash Over R800 Million Tender


Evicting Malema from the African Ntional Congress (ANC) is vividly not going the way ANC envisioned. Based on reports, the ANC Youth League are warring with the Economic Freedom Fighters in Limpopo over a R800 Million tender.

Had the ANC known that an ousted Julius Malema will develop to be a huge endless nightmare, they wouldn’t have dared to expel him. They would have tolerated his misgivings, and the EFF would have never happened. But the ANC must have underestimated his juju, they probably expected him to tuck his tail between his legs and cower away. They never saw the EFF coming, so they in Malema’s own words, used him “like toilet paper that is to be flushed in the toilet”.

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The ANC Youth League wants the feeding scheme tender which was awarded in December last year cancelled. According to them, a major bulk of the tender was awarded to companies that are related to the EFF leader Julius Malema and cohorts.

Speaking, the ANC Youth League spokesman, Matome Moremi stated the league ” learnt with shock that about 40 companies close to Malema were awarded the tender, in spite of the fact that many companies didn’t meet the criteria.” The said criteria as uncovered, stated that applicants must have a storeroom, a warehouse and a fleet of vehicles. But according to Moremi, “Malema’s close associates don’t even own a donkey cart.”

According to Naledzani Rasila, the spokesperson of education, the tender which was meant to provide school feeding schemes with nutritional food was awarded to 380 service providers. He insisted that all the stipulated guidelines for awarding the tender were followed, and related that “the tender was budgeted at R800 million and a total number of 1,6 million pupils, mostly from poor backgrounds, are set to benefit” from it.

Meanwhile the ANC Youth League wrote to the education MEC Ishmael Kgetjepe, demanding he launch an investigation regarding the awarding of the tender.

While we’re yet to get the Eff leader, Julius Malema’s comment on the issue, the EFF provincial secretary Jossey Buthane dismissed the ANC Youth League allegation as rubbish as he commented that “in the last financial year only 11 companies were appointed.” But “after the EFF’s intervention, over 300 were appointed. The league must be advised that those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” he added.

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