No Confidence Vote Against Mashaba: ANC Woos EFF For Support


Despite scoring good grades in terms of making the city of Johannesburg an economic hub for investors, the city’s mayor Herman Mashaba is still faced with many political hurdles as the ruling African National Congress (ANC) makes great effort to see to have him removed from office.

To achieve its aim, the ANC it’s wooing the third most populous party, the Economic Freedom Fighter (EFF) to support its motion of no confidence against Mashaba and the DA speaker Vasco da Gama.

The ANC currently has 119 councillors in the 270-seat council. It said it already had the support of the Patriotic Alliance, with one seat, and the African Independent Congress, with four.

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BuzzsouthAfrica gathered that the ANC provincial chair Paul Mashatile has been holding talks with the EFF’s national leadership as it needs the party to back the motion this week.

The party’s approach to the EFF seems to yield good results as the later expressed regret over backing the mayor.

The EFF leader Julius Malema at the time said when faced with a choice between an “ANC mayor with a history of immediate corruption and a mayor of the DA who has no history of anything except selling hair products, you are bound to try the hair product man”, the Business Day reported.

“We think they may support us to remove Mashaba but they may not support us to bring the ANC back in power, but it’s a discussion we are prepared to have with the EFF at the right time,” said the ANC Johannesburg spokesperson Jolidee Matongo, adding that the talks between the two parties will continue until when the house would meet next week Wednesday and Thursday to finally debate on the matter.

We are confident, having listened to the EFF and read their seven cardinal pillars and everything they stand for and, given the situation in Joburg, [that] all revolutionary and democratic forces should join hands and take Mashaba out of office,” he said.

Meanwhile, mayor Herman Mashaba believes the motion of no confidence brought by the ANC against him is nothing more than a “frivolous attempt” to plunder more of the metro’s fund.

Mashaba wrote in a column published by News24 that the ANC are merely frustrated that since a DA-led coalition took over the city in 2016, they have not been able to maintain lifestyles they attained through looting.

By this, he was referring to ANC Councillors Leepile Motsumi and Mpho Sesedinyane who were arrested for corruption and assault respectively.

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He said:

“…let’s call a spade a spade, the ANC’s motion is a smokescreen to hide their true motivation,

“The reality is that, in just over a year of governing Johannesburg, the DA-led coalition is uncovering fraud and corruption that was committed under the previous administration, within every nook and cranny of the city.

“This also means we are preventing ANC cadres from being able to use the City of Johannesburg as their personal ATM. I completely understand their frustration. It is becoming increasingly difficult for them to maintain the lifestyles which they never should have been allowed to become accustomed to in the first place – lifestyles which were bought off the backs of our residents.”

The mayor also accused the ANC of being nervous that their dirty linens have been exposed by his administration and that they exposed as the “scoundrels that they are” and that is why, according to him, they have been up with all measures to bring him and Nelson Mandela Bay’s Athol Trollip down.

“As a last-ditch attempt to win back power in their cash cows cities, the ANC has deployed their battering rams not only in the City of Johannesburg but Nelson Mandela Bay as well, where my colleague Athol Trollip, also faces the ANC’s persistent repeat button of motions against him,” Mashaba continued saying.

“If the ANC was sincerely concerned about residents and looking out for all our wellbeing, they would first need to get their own house in order. After all, nobody likes a hypocrite,” Mashaba said, adding that the ANC is looking out for themselves and not the people they are meant to serve.