Take It Or Leave It, ANC Won’t Lose Gauteng To Parties With No Policies Other Than Violence


The ANC has expressed confidence that its track record of service delivery will help in retaining the party’s hold on Gauteng in the forth coming local government elections.

This was revealed at the ANC’s Provincial General Council (PGC) held in Gauteng during the weekend. The meeting was aimed at assessing the party’s state of organisation since the 2014 general elections and also discuss its election campaign.

There, the ANC Gauteng Chairperson Paul Mashatile said the council has boosted their confidence in retaining the party’s strong hold of the province.

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“We have a programme called Ntirhisano that we use to get into our society, we go to communities to resolve issues. So, we’re confident that people, will vote for us because they can see our track record,” he said adding that only ANC can defend South Africa’s democracy, and not any opposition party.

“It is a concrete record of provision of housing, roads, health care, sports and community centres, the modernization of our education system, and economic transformation. We have been hard at work to improve the lives of all our people, and remain committed to doing more,” the party stated.

However, President Zuma has charged the members of the ruling African National Congress to ensure that the party retains its hold on Gauteng by making sure residents exercise their right of voting on the day. He added that if ANC should lose Gauteng, it won’t be because the opposition is winning more, but because people do not use their power to vote.

“I have tried to listen to what upholds opposition parties. What have they to say? Whether during the elections or Parliament, they have resorted to anger and insults.”

Reiterating the importance of the province t the party, the president said Gauteng is the face of both the ANC and the country.

“We will live or die in Gauteng. How could we leave that to people who don’t even know what they’re doing?” Zuma said while referring to opposition parties as parties with  no policies other than anger and insults.

Meanwhile, the ANC’s Gauteng PGC has resolved to accept President Jacob Zuma’s apology following the recent Constitutional Court ruling that he violated the Constitution by ignoring the public protector’s directives on the Nkandla matter.

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In a statement issued after the meeting, the Gauteng provincial office bearers said the meeting had resolved that Zuma, the ANC national executive committee (NEC), and “the whole movement must continue reflecting on the matter” and that “no province has the authority to tell another province what decisions to take on organisational matters”.

“The election machinery is well oiled and ready for an overwhelming victory on the 3rd August 2016. We are confident that the ANC-led government has a proud record of achievements,” the statement concluded.

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