It’s Official, ANC Women’s League Is Now “Zuma Defence League” – DA


Democratic Alliance (DA) has inferred that the statement ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) issued today is an official proclamation that the ANC Women’s League is Now Zuma Defence League.

DA said that what the ANCWL ought to be talking about are the very serious challenges facing woman across the country. Like sexual harassment, rape and gender-based violence.

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Those, “should be the preoccupation of the ANCWL – they should be fighting for the rights of women, not protecting a president who has no respect for the Constitution or the law.”

According to the opposition party, the ANCWL statement which called on the nation to “listen closely and attentively”, only succeeded in demonstrating the “extent to which the ANC will abandon the plight of women in the quest to rehabilitate Jacob Zuma’s embattled reputation as President of South Africa.

The ANCWL is a shadow of its former self and to this end has been reduced to a Zuma Defence League, DA declared.

DA said it isn’t alright for ANCWL  to justify their silence and behavior of not speaking out against the injustices they witnessed as “forgiving but not forgetting”.

With that, the party asserted that “it has been the habit of the ANC to sit in the comfort and luxury of injustice at the expense of the millions of poor and unemployed South Africans.”

Commenting on the women’s league remarks about the Public Protector, DA indicated that ANCWL’s demand for “a more objective and less populist” Public Protector is “deeply ironic considering that Adv. Madonsela’s work has been consistently thwarted at every turn when she acts to advance the values the ANCWL purport are important.

The ANC Women’s League and the ANC as a whole have failed the people of South Africa. The ANC is no longer the ANC that fought to liberate South Africa from apartheid…it is a power hungry, a corrupt party which is hurting” South Africa, DA wailed.

And as such, argued that the only way to restore South Africa is “to vote for change by voting for the DA, a party committed to putting South Africans first at all times.”

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