Dlamini Pissed With The ‘Demons Of Patriarchy’ Rejecting Didiza


ANC Women’s League President, Bathabile Dlamini has rebuked the rejection of former cabinet minister Thoko Didiza as Tshwane mayoral candidate for ANC.

Speaking to media at Luthuli House about the inclusion of women as mayoral candidates for the August elections, the social development minister condemned the negative criticisms and protest that followed naming Didiza the ANC’s mayoral candidate for Tshwane.

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The rejection of Didiza she said, reflects the attitude towards women in South Africa.

“It’s not only women in politics that are oppressed, it’s all women. That sense is always there within our communities,” Dlamini wailed.

The League said they’re demanding for an equal representation of gender in leadership positions.

Its secretary-general, Meokgo Matuba welcomed the current three female mayoral candidates as a positive change pointing out that there are presently, no women mayors in any of the eight metropolitan municipalities.

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Dlamini added that ANCWL wants a woman elected president of the ANC at the party’s next elective conference.

“We haven’t discussed it in the structures…ANC called upon us to stop discussing that issue until we’re done with the processes of elections,” she said.

She nonetheless, proclaimed that ANCWL is determined to fight sexism and support women.

“We are here to fight sexism that is why we are going to support women. No one has ever questioned a man about getting into position because of sleeping with someone.

The issue of  power relations is very important. The country at large still has a big task of dealing with the demon of patriarchy,” Dlamini added.

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The ANC Women’s League President thereafter, argued that Didiza is a tested leader of the ANC movement, rose within the ranks of the movement and therefore, wouldn’t melt like ice because she’s rejected by people possessed by the demon of patriarchy.