ANC Will Retain Power With The Help Of Zuma And Poor Unedcated South Africans


Elections periods are just but a few weeks away and political parties are doing all it takes to unseat the ruling party- the ANC in the various local governments. But like few other political analysts, Moeletsi Mbeki -a political economist and author and younger brother to former president Thabo Mbeki predicts that Zuma and the ANC will retain power to the dismay of majority.

Speaking at the Hilton Hotel in Durban on Wednesday night, Mbeki said the ANC will retain power through the help of 64% poor and illiterates south Africans who would work in their favour.

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He referred to president Zuma as a master strategist who will take advantage of the poor and unlearned to ensure the ruling ANC retain power both at the center and at the

“Jacob Zuma knows these numbers. If I were Jacob Zuma, these numbers wouldn’t bother me. Why change anything when these poor, uneducated people carry on voting for you no matter what you do?” he said. “The ANC’s economic policies are centered around re-election, not investment”

Citing from his book,  A Manifesto for Social Change – How to save South Africa, Mbeki said about 64% of those who had voted for the ANC in the 2014 national election were unemployed and had not finished high school and that a survey by market research group Ipsos conducted after the national election revealed that only 25% of ANC voters were employed full time, 11% worked part time and 64% were unemployed.

Unemployment in south Africa has drastically increased according to Statistics SA and according to Mbeki, Ipsos survey proved that only 41% of ANC voters had a matric certificate while 46% had “some high school education”. Four percent of ANC voters had no education and only 9% had tertiary education. This is a good proof pointing that the ANC will retain power in the coming elections using such strategies, he said.

He, however, warned that the high levels of unemployment within the country and the ruling party were “political risk factors” because the ANC was increasingly in conflict with the black poor, who formed the majority of its voting base.

Mbeki noted that investment was the first casualty of continued political instability, with new investors not being drawn to the country.

“The state does not promote investment, but consumption,” he said. South Africa’s civil servants were some of the highest paid in the world and had outstripped salaries earned in the private sector.

“Jacob Zuma himself earns more than [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel and [British Prime Minister] David Cameron. If you look at the GDP of these countries compared to South Africa’s, this is ludicrous,” he said.

He said South Africa is in trouble as there is something “very, very wrong with the way the political elite are managing the country,”

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He, therefore, advised that the ANC’s voting block should be given skills and capital in order to produce instead of consuming. The strengthening of existing small-scale enterprises and the opening of markets as well as the establishment of new industries were needed to reindustrialise the country.

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