ANC Will Remain In Power Till Jesus Returns


The waiting period for those who wish to see the demise of the ruling ANC might never end as President Zuma has once again announced that the African National Congress will remain in power until Jesus returns.

The president who spent Tuesday conducting a door to door campaign in the north of Tshwane, repeated that the ANC will never let go of the country.

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The president was accompanied by David Makhura, Nomvula Mokonyane, Thoko Didiza, Fikile Mbalula, Mapiti Matsena and Kgosientso Ramokgopa, along numerous other party supporters.

“I hear people complaining when we say the ANC will rule fully until Jesus comes back but we are blessed. Pastors have prayed for us,” President Zuma said, adding that people needed to accept that the ANC would never stop ruling the country.

Zuma also took a swipe at other political parties and said their leaders never spoke about their own parties, but were more interested in talking about the ANC.

“There is a young man, every time he opens his mouth, he says ANC. When are we going to hear about your party?”

He however admitted that the ANC had its challenges, but was also quick to point out that they dealt with them head on.

“There is no problem that we don’t deal with because we are a people’s organization,” he stated.

Zuma in Tshwane

Similarly, the president assured party members in Tshwane that the municipality will not be wrestled away from the ruling ANC in the upcoming elections despite some of the challenges the party has faced there.

“Pretoria is safe in the hands of the ANC, no doubt about that,” Zuma said after conducting door-to-door visits in Hammanskraal and Winterveldt

“Don’t worry, this place belongs to the African National Congress” he added.

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Zuma said what happened in Tshwane isn’t new in a democratic organization but indicated that how the issues is handled determined the character of an organization.

He said their power and ability to deal with internal matters distinguished the party from the rest. “The ANC will address those; we have always done so,” said Zuma.

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