‘ANC Will Fish Out And Deal With All Those Who Are Corrupt’ – Zuma


President Jacob Zuma has given a final take home note to all voters ahead of the local government elections coming in few days.

The president said his government will pursue and fight all those who are corrupt or who have any link to corrupt dealing in the country.

As political parties hosted their final election rallies this weekend ahead of Wednesday’s local government elections‚ African National Congress President Jacob Zuma said the ANC wants to end all forms of corruption within the party.

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 At a rally in Emirates Stadium, Johannesburg, President Zuma said it has been his aim and that of the party to maintain a corrupt free nation and that the party has not lost focus in doing so. He also said his party will root out all forms of corruption at the wards it wins in the August 3 elections.

“Good governance is the cornerstone of a well-run city or town. The ANC wants an end to all forms of corruption and will diligently pursue all those who are corrupt‚” Zuma said.

The president also reassured thousands of supporters that the ANC-led municipalities would spend their budgets on essential needs. He urged them to look away from all those who are bent on seeing the fall of the party.

“We discourage municipalities from outsourcing the basic services they are able to render themselves.

“We will also ensure that services are procured whenever possible from a local community and where municipal services remain the core function of municipalities,” Zuma said as he promised the people that ANC will prioritize citizen care, and will treat people with “respect, dignity and courtesy” when they visit municipal offices for assistance

President Jacob Zuma’s comments came after Auditor General Kimi Makwetu said his office will make sure departments which are given money have the necessary resources and personnel to use the money.

Makwetu said the audit analysis he conducted in the 2014/15 financial year‚ revealed that most government departments were not doing well as they received unqualified reports with findings.

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Zuma however assured his supporters that the ANC would make government appointments based on merit and decrease outsourcing of basic services.

“We will insist that councils employ appropriately qualified or experienced senior personnel. We discourage municipalities from outsourcing the basic services they are able to render themselves.”

Zuma ended the campaign that day giving the party supporters a take home assurance that the party will give them a heart-felt service if elected in the coming municipal elections.

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