The ANC Has Won Elections, Has Been Winning Elections, And Will Continue To Win Elections – Zuma


This is quite an unpleasant news, especially for the teeming EFF supporters and the DA fans. Irrespective of your oppositions, agitations, political tantrums and efforts to clip ANC’s wings ahead of the upcoming national elections, your efforts are in vain and very insignificant. It won’t do a thing to stop the ANC. The EFF can go on and on about Malema being a future President, and the DA can continue to point out everything wrong with the ANC-led government, that wouldn’t change anything because the ANC will stay for a very long, long time.

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During a debate on democracy in the National Council of Provinces, Zuma our President stated that “no one can argue about whether the ANC will win elections or not.” Opposition parties can go ahead and party all they want whenever they learn the ANC experienced a 1% drop in the support. They can celebrate all they want, it doesn’t matter for according to Mr. President, the ANC has won elections, has been winning elections and will continue to win elections. All we can argue about is the percentage,” he said and re-stressed that “no one can argue about whether the ANC will win elections or not.”

The president equally argued that what many have labeled as corruption and nepotism with the ruling party is simply democracy. He explained that losing an election in a democratic state means packing out of the government building for the winners to pack in.

“The people who are coming in, are coming with their comrades, people that they trust, will implement their policies. That’s democracy” and interpreting that as nepotism and employment of “cronies” are “childish politics…because there is no party that can win elections and take people who don’t understand policies to come and implement those policies.”

Meanwhile, the president assured that he will get tough with corrupt municipalities as he related that 222 officials were dismissed for fraud and corruption.

He stated that in battling corrupt practices at the municipalities, his team “will make better use of available monitoring mechanisms such as unannounced municipal visits‚ spot checks of supply chain management processes‚ implementation of forensic reports recommendations and site visits of Municipal Infrastructure Grant funded projects.”

However, the president cautioned that “we should avoid entrenching the perception that all municipalities perform badly or are struggling” as “many are actually doing well and are trying hard to improve systems…the lives of millions have improved meaningfully” but “there are many others who are still waiting, who still need to see their lives changing for the better.”

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