ANC Holds Crucial Meeting On Nkandla Judgment Today


Following ConCourt’s ‘damning’ Nkandla judgement on President Zuma, it is apparent that the president, together with the ruling party is in a pretty kettle of fish. To worsen it all, many of Zuma’s critics opined that his apology makes little or no meaning to them, as many things have gone wrong under his leadership.

To this effect, the ruling party says it will hold an extended national working committee (NWC) meeting today in order to address the fallout of the judgment, which has evidently spurred up a fresh bid for Zuma’s impeachment.

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It is worthy to note that this ANC’s meeting is holding a few hours before Zuma’s impeachment debate takes place in Parliament. So, the national working committee members are expected to fine-tune plans to save President Zuma from imminent doom.

Meanwhile, the ruling party’s Secretary-General has bashed critics for fishing in ANC’s troubled water. He blamed them for descending too hard on President Zuma after the Concourt judgement.

Speaking on Friday night, Mantashe said impeachment is not new in the country as it has become an annual move by oppositions.

He said,

“The call for impeachment is nothing new. You know is it genuine? It’s an ongoing election platform ploy which is resuscitated every single year by the opposition in the form of a vote of no confidence or now, the impeachment call.”

President Zuma has been on pins and needles lately and may face harder blows in time to come. Sadly, he is also being rejected by some of his party members who criticized his leadership and called on him to honourably step down to save the ruling party from further harm.

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Last week, South African politician and former political prisoner and anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Kathrada penned a letter urging Zuma to step down.

Also according to experts, impeachment and resignation calls from within and outside the ANC have placed the governing party in a tight position in an election year.

Speaking further, UJ Professor Mcebisi Ndletyana asserted that the party will have to go into the local government elections in defensive mode.

“No party wants to campaign like that. It will constantly have to answer questions on why it supports the legality.”

On the other hand, political analyst Dr Somadoda Fikeni alleged that the ruling party has separated into factions behind the scenes. He said that the divisibility is glaring among the ANC’s military wing.

He further said, “Especially the veterans of the ANC, the veterans of the MK, more senior than those who are in the MKVA today, are against what is happening.”

The political bigwig confessed that Zuma’s Nkandla saga really angered the middle-class electorate, which could be costly for the ANC at the polls.

However, it is expected that the party will raise the hopes of its supporters after the crucial meeting. The Nkandla judgment has also been described as a renowned victory for South Africans.

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